Reynolds on Capel

Oklahoma signee Scott Reynolds gives his initial impression on the hiring of Jeff Capel.

Oklahoma signee and Herndon, Va. guard Scott Reynolds gives his initial impressions on the hiring of Jeff Capel.

JH: Have you heard that Jeff Capel is the new men's basketball coach at the University of Oklahoma?

SR: "Yes, I have heard this morning. Mr. Castiglione called me this morning and told me the news."

JH: I know you haven't had a chance to talk to Coach Capel yet, but what do you think?

SR: "I have known Coach Capel for a while because he has been coaching in the same area. He has been coaching at VCU and that is close to where I live. We play the same position because he played guard at Duke. He is a very good coach and very capable at what he does."

JH: Are you happy with the decision?

SR: "I need to meet and him and get to know him, but from everything that I hear he is a good guy and a great coach. I just need to meet him and get to know him and develop that close relationship with him that I am looking for. I want a close relationship with my head coach on and off the court. I know that he is on his way to Norman right now, I am sure I will talk to him soon."

JH: Have you heard much from people about him?

SR: "Most definitely. Everybody is very high and positive when they talk about coach Capel. People tell me that this is a great coach for me to work with because of his understanding of guard play and being a point guard. So, hopefully, I will hear from him soon and start to get to know him and everything will go smooth. Everything is going to work out and be great for the future."

JH: You just returned from the Roundball Classic. How did it go?

SR: "The game was fun and it was a great experience for me. It was great to return home and catch up with so many people that I had not seen in a while. I played OK in the game, but overall it was a good experience for me. Damion played well in the game and finished in double figures. The second play of the game I threw him an alley-oop, which really got people fired up. So we had a lot of fun."

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