Sampson says Capel is a 'perfect fit'

Former OU head coach Kelvin Sampson talks about the hiring of Jeff Capel.

I just got off the phone with Kelvin Sampson about the hiring of Jeff Capel and he says that...

"It is a great hire. Jeff is one of the best up and coming coaches in America and he is as bright as they come. He coaches with great energy and knowledge, and it is the perfect hire for OU."

"I have known Jeff almost all my life," said Sampson. "His dad coached against my dad in high school and I have known his dad for a long time. Basketball is in his blood and that is all Jeff has thought about all his life. He has been preparing to be a head basketball all his life and he played at Duke like he was going to be a head coach."

"Don't worry about youth, because it is irrelevent in this case," Sampson continued. "I was only 31 when I went to Washington State and I know if you look down the line as most of the top coaches in this country, they got their first big job probably around that age. Jeff has already coached at a high level for four years and had success. Jeff is a very mature young man and age doesn't matter with him. He is ready for a job like this and the future of Oklahoma is going to be very bright with Jeff in charge."

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