James ready to start something new with Capel

Oklahoma hoops signee Damion James talks about the hiring of Jeff Capel, as well as his last converstion with unsigned five-star big man Darrell Arthur.

Damion James, G, 6-8, NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS:

JH: What do you think Jeff Capel, the Sooners new men's basketball coach?

DJ: "I really haven't had a chance to talk to him in-depth, but I hear he is a good coach. I know he is a good coach."

JH: So what do think about playing for him?

DJ: "This is something new, and we will be starting something new together. Since it is his first year as well, we will be starting out on the same page."

JH: Was he able to get into anything with you during your brief conversation?

DJ: "He says he likes to run and gun, but I don't know. I will find out soon enough."

JH: Have you talked to Scottie? Is he ready to go and play for the new coach?

DJ: "Scottie was going to go no matter who was the coach, and so was I."

JH: What did you think about your play in the Roundball Classic?

DJ: "I loved it. It was something new. I wasn't really trying to show out. I was just happy to be there."

JH: What all-star game is next for you?

DJ: "I am playing in the Texas All-Star game on May 5th."

JH: Have you talked to Darrell Arthur lately?

DJ: "I talk to him at the Roundball Classic and he said that he wanted to come, depending on who the new coach was. That is my boy right there. Only time will tell."

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