Recruiting: Texas RB has OU in his final four

Lennon Creer talks about his final four and recent trip to Norman. (Photo by Les Hassell/News-Journal)

LENNON CREER, RB, 6'0, 202, 4.45, TATUM, TEXAS:

Lennon Creer may be the best running back in Texas. At least he can certainly make a good argument for it, which means to this reporter that he is one of the very best running backs in the country.

As a junior, Creer rushed for 2,150 yards and 18 touchdowns out of a flexible offense, and that followed his sophomore year when he rushed for 1,252 and 10 touchdowns.

"I think I am a power back and a running back," said Creer. "I like to make people miss and I like to run them over. I love running inside. As soon as I see the hole I hit it as hard and fast as I can, and then my natural ability takes over from there."

Creer can bench 310 pounds and he can squat 450. He also runs the 100M (10.80, sprint relay (second leg) and the mile relay (third leg) in track.

Creer attended the Houston camp last year and he hopes to attend camps at Texas, Oklahoma and LSU this summer. He has been offered by Texas, Oklahoma, LSU, Miami, Nebraska, Texas A&M, Houston, Missouri, Baylor and Oklahoma State thus far."

"I have a top four," said Creer. "I have already narrowed my decision down to four. They are Oklahoma, Texas, LSU and Miami. I went to Oklahoma for the spring game and it was great up there. I really liked it a lot at Oklahoma. The coaches were very friendly and I got a chance to meet Adrian Peterson and Malcolm Kelly, who are from my area. They were great and every player I met was real nice to me. I have also been to Texas and they have a lot of tradition there. Their coaching staff really made me feel at home."

So what is Creer looking for in a school?

"I want to go to a school with a good academic program, as well as athletics," said Creer. "I just want to go to a school where I can feel at home and where I can excel both on and off the field. Depth chart is important to me and playing as a freshman is important to me. I want to make sure I can go to an offense that runs the football. I don't mind it being versatile, but I want to make sure that wherever I go likes to run the football. I don't want to go to a Texas Tech style of offense."

Creer has qualified.

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