The latest on Scottie Reynolds

Oklahoma signee and McDonald's All-American Scottie Reynolds talks in-depth with about the rumors he's seeking a release from his letter of intent.

Rumors began swirling Wednesday morning that Oklahoma signee and McDonald's All-American Scott Reynolds has asked for a release from his letter of intent.

One report said that Reynolds has already been granted a release, which at this time is not true. Reynolds says that he asked for a release today, but he still has a meeting with new OU coach Jeff Capel on Thursday. However, sources tell that should he still wish for a release after a meeting with Capel, it will be granted. caught up with Reynolds this afternoon to talk about the rumors and what lies head for him in the future.

JH: Is it true that you have asked for your release from OU?

SR: "Yes, that is true. We did that today."

JH: So what is up with your situation at OU and your recruiting?

SR: "There is nothing really wrong, but I just have to be 100 percent sure that I want to go to Oklahoma. Before Coach Sampson left I was 100 percent sure, but now with the coaching change I am just not 100 percent sure. I still feel very good about Oklahoma. Oklahoma is still in the drivers' seat, but I am just not 100 percent sure at this time."

JH: Is this because you haven't had a chance to meet Coach Capel yet?

SR: "Yeah, that has something to do with it, and it is just the uncertainity of it all. I just don't know about him and my family doesn't know much about him. We have had great conversations on the phone and every time I talk to him I like him even more. But the fact that OU's situation is different now just makes me a little uneasy."

JH: Could the fact that you are meeting Coach Capel tomorrow ease you mind quite a bit?

SR: "Sure, it could. But I am not sure what is going to happen. I am looking forward to it. I think he is going to spend quite a bit of time with us on Thursday."

JH: Could you be totally back in Oklahoma's corner after Coach Capel's visit?

SR: "Like I said, there is nothing really wrong. I am just backing up a little bit and breaking everything down to make sure that I am making the right decision. If I lived in Texas or Oklahoma, I would still be going to Oklahoma because OU would still be pretty close to home. But the way it is, OU is a long way from Virginia and I just have to make sure I am 100 percent sure that Oklahoma is where I want to play now that the program has changed a little bit."

JH: Even after Coach Capel's visit, do you see yourself opening up your recruiting again?

SR: "As we talk, I do. I just want to see what my options are. It is just a feeling really. Before Coach Sampson left I just had a great feeling about Oklahoma. I still have a good feeling, but I just have some uncertainty in my feelings. I have had great conversations with Coach Capel and I know he is a great guy. Me and my family just need to meet him in person, look him in the eye and see what he has to say. I look forward to me and my family meeting Coach Capel in person and then we will go from there."

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