Clark, Crocker meet with Capel

Sooner signees Keith Clark (pictured above) and Tony Crocker talk about their one-on-one meetings with Jeff Capel, their future and thoughts on Scottie Reynolds' decision to ask for a release from his LOI.

Keith Clark, F, 6'9, PUTNAM CITY, OKLAHOMA:

JH: I know that you met with Coach Capel yesterday, so now that you have met him what are your thoughts on your future coach?

KC: "My thoughts on him were great. He was a very nice man. I would have loved to have had more time and get to know him better, but that just can't be the case right now. Our visit went great and he is a pretty nice man. We will get to know each other much better in the future."

JH: Now that you have met Coach Capel are your intentions still to attend OU?

KC: "My thoughts are still the same. My desire still hasn't changed. This is my state and that is not going to change. I just think it is an honor that I am going to wear that jersey with my state's name on the front playing for the state school, and the best school in the state. That is a great honor for me."

JH: You said that Coach Capel was a nice man, but what else did you take away from your first impression of him?

KC: "He is young and he was kind of tall. They said he played guard at Duke, but he must have been a big guard at Duke. I think the fact that he is young means that he and I can talk about some things, and that is going to be alright."

JH: I am sure you have heard about Scottie Reynolds and his situation. Have you talked to Scottie at all today?

KC: "I haven't talked to Scottie yet, but I plan on talking to him and finding out what his thoughts are. I want to talk to Scottie because we have been talking for months about how we are all in this together. I plan on talking to him and if I have too I am going to change his mind. We have a great class put together and we all need to play together."

JH: You hear all kinds of things about your academic situation. What would you like to say about it, if anything?

KC: "People have their own thoughts and they have been trying to make it worse than it is. I need to do well this semester and my goal is to make straight ‘A's'. I am working to do the best I can this semester. So far things are going well for me. I still need to take the test again, but I am studying for that and I think I am doing to do well there the next time I take it. I am going to be at OU next year."

JH: Coach Capel is going to Virginia tomorrow to meet with Scottie and his family. Now that you have met Coach Capel, do you think they will hit it off?

KC: "I don't see any way that Scottie won't like him. Scottie is like me and real down to earth, and Coach Capel is a young coach who I think we can really relate too. I loved my visit with him and I just don't see how Scottie is not going to like him."

JH: You were named the Oklahoma Player of the Year by the Daily Oklahoman. What does the honor mean to you?

KC: "It means a lot to me. People didn't think I could do it. People didn't feel I could lead them to a championship, but my teammates and I helped each other get there. Then my coach really helped me out both on and off the court


JH: Did you have your visit with Coach Capel in North Carolina or San Antonio?

TC: "I am at home in San Antonio. He flew down here to meet me and my mom."

JH: What did you think of your meeting?

TC: "It was a very good meeting. He came in and talked to my mom and he gave us a little of his background. He told us how he hoped to use me next year, and what we could expect from him as a head coach."

JH: After your visit, what are your thoughts about playing for Coach Capel at Oklahoma?

TC: "I was excited about playing for him at Oklahoma even before he came by to visit, because of our conversation on the phone. He had already told me about his style of play and that got me excited."

JH: I know you heard about Scottie and his thinking. Did that catch you by surprise?

TC: "Yeah, that surprised me because I had seen a lot of other stuff where he said that he was going to stay. I know that coach is going to see him tomorrow and we will see how that goes."

JH: Have you talked to Scottie lately?

TC: "No, I haven't talked to him lately. I hope to talk to him in the next couple of days. I want Scottie to meet Coach Capel and then I will probably call him and see what he thinks."

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