Recruiting: Texas Giant speaks highly of Oklahoma

Top Texas DL Xavier Lawson-Kennedy talks about his interest in the Sooners


JH: How is your summer going? I understand that you are working hard chopping trees this summer?

XLK: "It is going pretty well. I like my summer up to this point. We are building a fence, which we need for the house and we needed some landscaping done so my mom and dad are having me chop down the trees that we have to give me a workout. I am also pouring the concrete and just getting a pretty good overall workout in just working around the house. Then I go the gym from 5:00 to 7:30 every morning and my workout includes running and lifting weights. I run first, then lift weights when I am tired. I want to push myself in the strength department when I am tired, because in a game I will have to push myself when I am tired."

JH: How is recruiting going at this point?

XLK: "It is going real well. I enjoyed talking to all the coaches and all of them were pretty cool. I still haven't narrowed anything down and we are still open at this point. I don't have a favorite yet and to be honest I try not to think about it. I am just trying to workout this summer."

JH: Do you still have an interest in Oklahoma?

XLK: Oklahoma is pretty high on my list. I like Oklahoma a lot and I could see myself playing there. I don't mind leaving the state. I just want to be an impact player whenever I get there. I want to play early and I want to be an impact player as soon as I get there and that is very important to me. Texas and Texas A&M are two other schools that are pretty high on my list."

JH: Is there anything specific that you like about OU?

XLK: "I really like the coaches and the facilities. The coaches treat the players fairly and they seem to care about their players. It looks like to me that their players get better and that means the coaches are working with them hard and doing a good job of coaching them."

JH: What about the other schools that you are interested in?

XLK: "There are other schools that compare to OU, but I am not sure there are other schools that have everything that OU has to offer. Sure, I guess some do, but all I can say is that I like OU a lot. But I also like a number of other schools as well."

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