Reynolds says Sooners still have a shot

But is it a legitimate shot? Reynolds talked to Sunday night about his thoughts on Oklahoma and the recruiting process he's about to go through again. caught up with McDonald's All-American and former signee Scottie Reynolds to get the latest on his recruitment.

JH: Scottie...the million dollar question with all Sooner fans right now is what are your feelings about Oklahoma? And do you still have a good interest in OU?

SR: "Yeah, I am still interested in OU. I feel like Oklahoma is something like home in a way, because of the way everybody has embraced me, the program and theclass that we have had. It is just a feeling thing right now and I can't change my feelings instantly. This has nothing to do with Coach Capel or anything like that. If I lived in the Midwest, like in Texas or Oklahoma, it would be a no-brainer. People I talk to tell me that the hiring of Coach Capel has brought a fresh start to the program, and they are happy with it."

JH: Is that good news for OU?

SR: "That is a real good thing."

JH: Since you can't take another visit to OU and you probably are not going to take an unofficial to OU, how will you be able to find a better feeling or get a feel for OU?

SR: "I know what the feeling and environment at Oklahoma feels like, and I know that after seeing some other places if they compare or not. That will help me make my decision."

JH: Does Oklahoma still have a realistic chance to resign you at this time?

SR: "To be honest, I feel like it is going to be hard to beat Oklahoma because I have been committed to Oklahoma for a long time. That being said, something would have to come along real special for a team to steal my mind."

JH: You didn't know Coach Capel real well before he was hired at OU and the coach you had the best relationship with was Coach Sampson, who you signed with at OU. As you re-open your recruiting did you really get to know any other college coaches during the first recruiting period and do you really know any now?

SR: "The only coach that I really got to know was Coach Tommy Amaker from Michigan, and that was because he was from this area. His high school coach knew my high school coach and that was my connection there. I really didn't' have a whole lot of offers because at that time a lot of people didn't see me as that good of guard. Now I have proven myself and that situation has changed, but that hasn't changed anything. I am just looking for my best situation and looking for something that can make me feel 100 percent clear on where I want to go."

JH: Can you pinpoint what your concerns are with Coach Capel, if you have any and with Oklahoma now?

SR: "It more of a distance thing now maybe. Not to say that is the only reason, but now being on the East Coast and going to Oklahoma people are shocked about it. When I committed to Oklahoma early, people were real shocked. It is just more making sure that if I am going halfway across the country I have to be 100 percent sure. I think I could be doing the team a disservice if I have doubts or other questions. I just have to make sure about my decision."

JH: Is this a case where you have to feel that coach is not only going to be your coach, but since you are going to be away from him that he is like your second family to you?

SR: "That is with any coach. I have been committed to Oklahoma for a long time and I have known just one coach for a long time. So it is not just Coach Capel, but it is any coach that I am going to talk to. When you are dealing with new people you have to put 100 percent trust into everybody that you talk to."

JH: So you still feel you and the other four signees still have a chance to play together at Oklahoma?

SR: "I think so. At the same time, Jeremy, Damion, Tony and Keith have to do what they want to do. They can't be worried about everybody else and sometimes you have to do what is best for you."

JH: Does the fact that you appear to have a great relationship with the team and appear to already be a fan favorite at OU make any difference in your decision?

SR: "That is an easy question to answer. Being committed to Oklahoma for some time, and seeing how the fans have embraced me just gives me a great feeling. I love Oklahoma. Fans from Oklahoma have come up to me and told me how much they can't wait for me to play for them and that means a lot."

JH: Are Sooner fans being understanding about the situation?

SR: "Yeah, I think people understand my situation and I probably have one of the diehard fans in my school. I feel like he and the all the fans want me to come, but they realize that I have to make the best decisions for myself."

JH: What other schools are you going to visit at this point?

SR: "This is my first day so I haven't narrowed my choices down, and I won't until Tuesday. At that time, I will let people know who else is involved. This is not an easy decision by any means, and it is going to take time and be a heart-felt decision."

JH: You mentioned that it is going to take time, but how much time do you have to make this decision? Do you have to make it quick or can you take your time?

SR: "There have been a lot of great players and coaches that tell me to go with my heart. That is what I did the first time and that is what I am going to do again. I don't know how long that is going to take."

JH: Have you been talking to the other four signees very much?

SR: "I have talked to Jeremy, but I haven't talked to Damion. I know that Tony and Keith are committed and are ready to go."

JH: After all of you signed, all of you talked about how great it was going to be for all of you to play together at OU. The five of you seemed to bond and it became very important for you five to play together. Is that not important anymore?

SR: "It is in my head everyday. I feel I put this group together in a way. I am not saying that I am the reason or anything, but we all kind of came together and said that we are going to do this thing. I think they all understand my situation being so far away. I also talked to a couple of guys on the team and told them my concerns. I still feel it would be great for all of us to play together at OU."

JH: So there is still chance that could happen, you five playing at OU?

SR: "Right."

JH: How many visits do you think you will take?

SR: "I think I will take at least two, maybe three."

JH: You have met Coach Capel and also talked to him face-to-face, so what are your thoughts on the new Sooner head coach?

SR: "Coach Capel is real. That is the first word that comes to mind. He is rea. He is not going to play you. He is just going to be real. The current team is going through a new fresh beginning and everybody is excited about that. They really feel they have something to play for and I can tell he is a great motivator. He is young, so he has knowledge that the players can see from get from him. It is easy to relate to him, because it wasn't too long ago that he was in our shoes."

JH: So you are saying that his age is actually a positive with you?

SR: "That is definitely a positive point, without question."

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