Hoops: OU in the drivers' seat for junior?

Elk City, Okla. swingman Cade Davis talks about his breakout summer and interest in OU.

Cade Davis, G, 6'5 ELK CITY, OKLAHOMA:

JH: I know your AAU season has started and Athlete's First has played in two tournaments, so how well do you feel you are playing?

CD: "I am playing pretty well. I have been shooting alright, but at times my shot has been off. Other than that I have been playing pretty consistent."

JH: Hasn't the rest of your game been pretty solid?

CD: "Yes sir. I have been playing a little point and my defense has been good in every game that we have played. Passing and assist-wise, I have been doing real well. I guess I am playing OK."

JH: OU paid you a visit yesterday, so how did that go?

CD: "It went well. OU came down and I got to talk to Coach (Mark) Cline. He explained why Coach Capel wasn't able to come, because he only has so many days to recruit. He was trying to keep the guys who already signed on board and he is working on this years recruiting class, so he was out recruiting for this signing period. It was a meeting to get to know each other. He told me about himself and told me about where he went to college (Wake Forest) and where he was originally from. It was a very good meeting, and a meeting where my family and I got to ask a lot of questions. Coach Cline was very nice in answering each one of them."

JH: Have you had a chance to meet with Coach Capel yet?

CD: "No sir. I have only talked to him on the phone."

JH: What are your impressions of the new Sooner coaches?

CD: "I think they are some wonderful guys. They are young and energetic, and they have a different style than Coach Sampson. I think it is very good that they are so young. I like that about them. They seem like they are great guys and they have a pretty good idea about what players are looking for."

JH: You always seemed to like OU a great deal when Coach Sampson was the coach, so now that Coach Capel and his staff are in charge at OU what are your thoughts on the OU program?

CD: "I am pretty much the same. I have always been a big OU fan, whether Coach Sampson is there or not. I am not going to say anything bad about Coach Sampson, because he is a great coach, but I think Coach Capel will have a great career at OU. I think OU will continue to have a great program under Coach Capel. I still like OU a lot."

JH: Have you been offered by OU?

CD: "No, not yet. I am going to go up there next week and visit with them. I am going to take my family with me to visit about some stuff. I don't know if it will be then or exactly when, but I think it will be soon."

JH: What will you think if OU does offer you?

CD: "I will be excited and happy to hear it. I don't know if I will commit at that moment, but I have a pretty good idea that it is my best place to go if I do get offered. I think it will work out in the long run."

JH: What other schools are you looking at?

CD: "I am looking at Wichita State, Nebraska, Montana, Tulsa, ORU and Liberty. My recruiting has picked up a little bit since the (AAU) Houston Tournament."

JH: What were your final stats for your junior season?

CD: "I finished at 25 points, nine rebounds and 3.5 assists a game."

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