Dvoracek ready to get to Chicago

Former Sooner DT Dusty Dvoracek talks about his future with the Chicago Bears.

Down the road when we look back on the career of Dusty Dvoracek we will all see a career that is one of the best in Sooner history. Dvoracek played in the Sooner defensive tackle rotation for all four years and earned first team All Big-12 honors twice.

OU Head Coach Bob Stoops said that Dvoracek played defensive tackle better than any other player of his coaching era in Norman. And that is saying something when you consider that first team All-American Tommie Harris also played during that era.

Dvoracek predicted to this reporter that the Bears would draft him, and he didn't have to wait long for that to happen as Chicago took Dvoracek in the second round. Since that selection, Dvoracek has been going 100 milers per hour, but he slowed down just enough to talk to OUInsider.com for the Two Minute Drill.

JH: You go to the Chicago Bears, who already have Tommie Harris and Mark Bradley on the team and then they draft you and J.D. Runnels. Life doesn't get any better than that for you does it?

DD: "No, it doesn't James. I am so excited that life has been awesome. Getting a chance to go up to a place like Chicago with the tradition that they have, and then getting a chance to be with my teammates and play with Tommie again is like a dream come true. It could not have worked out better than the way it did."

JH: You had an idea that you would go to the Bears, didn't you?

DD: "Yeah, they had talked to me and told me that if I was around then that they were going to take me. And sure enough they did. They basically run the same defense that we do at Oklahoma and I fit their scheme perfectly. I don't know, it just all worked out and I think they know how well Tommie and I complement one another and how successful we were.

"I just think they wanted to bring that to Chicago. Talking to Coach Lovie Smith, he said that he just loves the way I play football with great passion and attitude. He thinks that is something that the Bears need. He thinks that I have that attitude or that toughness that can put them over the edge to be one of the best teams in the NFL."

JH: That puts you and Tommie back together on the defensive line, so how do you feel it will all work out? Will you play the nose?

DD: "I don't know. I have no idea. They pay those NFL coaches big money and I am just going in there and work my butt off. Wherever I fit in I am sure I will play. I have to go in there and work my tail off and fight like a dog to make an impact there. I want to be a starter next September. I will fly out there Thursday and get going. I can't wait."

JH: Considering who you are and your personality, one of the perfect teams for you are the Chicago Bears aren't they? I mean, the Monsters of the Midway and Dusty Dvoracek just seems like a perfect fit?

DD: "I agree. It does seem like a good fit. It is funny I was talking to my dad and family last night, and in Chicago they have all those Eastern European people and all the Polock's and stuff. The name Dvoracek up in Chicago just seems to fit perfectly. It is kind of a storybook ending. Or I guess it is the beginning of a story, but for it to work out so perfect is amazing. It is just awesome."

JH: The first day it is snowing and you are wearing your Bears jersey with short sleeves and your long hair coming out of your helmet is just going to fit in with the Bears, don't you think? You already have your built-in image?

DD: "Yeah, I agree. Plus, playing in that North Division, it is the Black and Blue Division. That is the kind of football that I play and that is what I am all about. It is crazy. Everything just seems to be a perfect fit."

JH: Did you watch the draft at all?

DD: "I went and played paintball with my family and I got back home about 6:50 and they were at around their 55th pick. I just sat down and watched the rest. I got a phone call about two picks before from my agent and he said that Jerry Angelo of the Bears had called him and said that they might take me.

"He said it was between me and another guy, so I called my dad to tell him that the Bears might take me. And while I was talking to my dad the Bears were calling my dad's house looking for me. He answers the other phone and he gives them my cell phone number and they call me. Coach Lovie Smith called me and said, ‘Dusty, you are a Chicago Bear.' It was music to my ears. It was awesome."

JH: How much did it help you that you played your college football at OU?

DD: "I think significantly. I think that these teams know what kind of program that we come from and they know what kind of hard workers that we are helps so much. Oklahoma is so well respected and they are going to take a chance on a player from OU. They know how hard we work here and that is going to transcend to the NFL and their team.

"I think they know that Oklahoma produces quality players and quality people, and I think NFL organizations want to be involved with people like those produced at OU. I think the same thing goes for Clint (Ingram) and Travis (Wilson), who went right after I did. NFL programs want players from quality programs like Oklahoma."

JH: All that coaching from Coach Shipp and all those techniques that he has been drilling into you will now pay off, won't they?

DD: "Words can't describe how much I appreciate what he has done for me. Just the man that I have become and the football player that I have become, I owe a lot to him. He is a great guy and everything that I have learned at Oklahoma is due to him. I am 10 times the football player now than when I first got to OU.

"I am real fortunate that I had the chance to be around such good people. OU had such good fans that I couldn't have picked a better college to go to. I could not have been drafted by a better team. It has been a really good weekend, just awesome."

JH: When do you leave for Chicago?

DD: "Thursday morning I am flying out. We have mini-camp this weekend."

JH: Dusty, good luck to you. There are many Sooner fans that are going to buy Chicago Bears jersey's and start pulling for the Bears.

DD: "Yeah, I think the Sooner Nation should turn into Chicago Bears fans!"

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