Recruiting: OU in the mix for top athlete

Pearland, Texas athlete Sam Proctor profile.


There isn't a football fan in Texas or a college coach recruiting Texas that doesn't believe that Sam Proctor is one of the very best football players in the country. Tremendously athletic, Proctor can play any skill position on the field, but he doesn't really care where he plays.

"The bottom line is that I am a football player and I really don't care where I play," said Proctor. "Right now I am playing quarterback, but I can play any position on the field. Right now I am getting a split decision on my college position from college coaches. Some are recruiting me as a quarterback and others are recruiting me as an athlete. My personal belief is that I have the talent to be a quarterback at the next level and I would like the opportunity to prove that I can play quarterback."

Proctor played his first two years at Dobie High before transferring to Pearland this year.

"As a sophomore, I didn't start and I played multiple positions," said Proctor. "Then as a junior, I played quarterback at Dobie and we finished with an 8-2 record. We missed the playoffs because of the point system in our district."

Sam threw for 15 touchdowns and ran for eight more in a one-back and I-formation offense.

"I was kind of trapped under center last year," said Proctor. "We had an offense built around the running backs and I never really got to cut lose in the shot-gun. This year we are going to be in the gun and I am going to get more of an opportunity to show off my abilities."

Proctor can bench 305 pounds, squats 425 and he has posted a 34-inch vertical jump. He also runs the open 200M (21.8) and the 4X200 (anchor) in track.

The only camp thus far that Proctor has attended is the Oklahoma State combine and he hopes to go to the LSU one-day camp this summer. Proctor has been offered by LSU, Oklahoma, Houston and Kansas.

"Recruiting is really secondary to me right now," said Proctor. "I have just moved to a new school and I am learning quite a bit of offense right now. I want to concentrate on my senior year and do the very best I can and then start thinking about recruiting. So, recruiting is secondary for me right now."

What does Proctor think about Oklahoma?

"I was very excited about the offense from Oklahoma," said Proctor. "Oklahoma is sitting in a great spot with me right. I am not totally sure if Oklahoma wants me to play quarterback or not. Coach (Kevin) Sumlin has let me know that they are recruiting me to be one of the top athletes in their program. I love their offense and feel I could do very well in it. They run the shot-gun, quick passing game, have a great running game and their offense is second to none."

Proctor has qualified.

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