Hoops: Capel gets his first commitment

Elk City, Okla. guard Cade Davis tallks about Jeff Capel and his commitment to Oklahoma. (Photo/CoachesAid.com)

Cade Davis, G, 6-5, ELK CITY, OKLAHOMA:

JH: Congratulations on your commitment to OU.

CD: "Thank you sir."

JH: You were planning to drive up to Norman this weekend, but you came up early. You must have liked what you saw the last time you were in town?

CD: "We decided to come up to Norman today. Today was the first day to get to talk to Coach Capel in person, and the more I talked to him the more I realized that he was a great guy. My family thought he was very enthusiastic and they like OU as much as I do. When he offered I just decided that I should go ahead and take it. So I told him I wanted to be a Sooner."

JH: So you got a better feeling about Coach Capel once you had a chance to be with him in person for a while?

CD: "He told me the same things on the phone, but it is different when you hear them in person. He told me about his background and told me about how he wants to do things at OU. I just thought that was a real positive. He was real up front with me and I appreciated the fact that he was straightforward with me."

JH: What did Coach Capel tell you about the future of his program?

CD: "He was all about building a great program. He was all about starting it back up and wanting to sign guys that had pride in wearing that Sooner jersey and winning championships. He wants to take the program to the next level and that is pretty cool."

JH: What do you think about the offense he wants to run?

CD: "He hasn't said a whole lot about the offense, but he said it would have a lot of motion. He wants all of his players to be able to shoot the ball and the ball is going to be distributed all over the floor. I think he wants to push the ball and run as well."

JH: How is your AAU season going?

CD: "It has been going real good. This last tournament we went to Dallas and I played a lot better. I just need to keep competing and play better in each tournament that we play in. It is getting better for me every game."

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