Recruiting: OU keeping an eye on Dallas QB

Dallas, Texas quarterback Brock Mansion Profile.


There are a number of good quarterbacks in Texas this year and many of them are good athletes to boot, but Brock Mansion doesn't take a back seat to any of them with his size, strength and speed.

Mansion was the backup quarterback at Plano High his sophomore year, but saw plenty of action in that role. Mansion moved to Episcopal School last season and threw for 19 touchdowns and rushed for little over 1,000 yards out of the spread offense.

"After I got hurt my junior year at Plano running the I-formation and option football, I considered transferring," said Mansion. "While I was hurt Episcopal School called my dad and asked him if I might be interested in playing football for them. My dad asked me about it and at first I wasn't for it, because I didn't want to go to school away from my friends at Plano.

"But I liked what they were doing on offense better and I thought the spread offense suited my skills better. So, I decided to play there and decided to transfer. I got to play in 10 games my sophomore year at Plano, but only got to play in two my junior year. I didn't have enough credits to transfer, so I was classified as a junior again last year. We are going to run the spread offense again this year."

So what kind of year did Mansion have last year at his new school?

"I threw for just under 2,000 yards and rushed for over a 1,000," said Mansion. "Most of my running plays are designed. It is kind of like what Texas did last year. We do a lot of zone reads. A few plays a game I scramble and get some yards off of that, but mostly my rushing yardage comes out of the zone read game. I can make all the throws on the field. I have a strong arm and feel that I have good touch."

Mansion doesn't max out on the bench because of baseball, where he is a pitcher and first baseman. As a pitcher, Mansion was 3-2 with six saves while leading his team to a fifth place finish in state. This summer Mansion is just going to concentrate on football.

He went to the Kansas State summer camp the last two years. This summer he will go to camps with his team, but he may not attend any individual camps.

Mansion has been offered by Baylor, Mississippi State and UTEP.

"I am just kind of hanging back letting things happen in recruiting," said Mansion. "I really like Oklahoma, and I have grown up a Texas Tech fan. Both my parents went there. I also like Tennessee. All three of these schools are talking to me and all three want to check me out my senior year and see how I am doing. I hope to make it up to Norman and Tech this summer to see what is going on at both schools."

Mansion has qualified.

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