Hoops: Could Maze be the next to commit?

Patterson, N.C. point guard Bobby Maze talks about his game, relationship with Tony Crocker, interest in Oklahoma and impressive list of suitors.


JH: Where were you originally from before you went to Patterson?

BM: "I am originally from Shutland, Md, which is the same area where Kevin Durant and Tywon Lawson are from."

JH: Am I correct in calling you a combo guard?

BM: "I played the two-guard in high school and averaged 28 points per game, but I moved to point guard at Patterson. I still averaged 20 points and eight assists per game this past year, but actually I feel I improved as an overall player. I enjoyed playing the point and running the offense and I loved always having the ball in my hands. I also averaged four rebounds per game."

JH: Do you feel you are a point guard at the next level?

BM: "I feel I can play either position. Like I said, I do like the position where I have the ball in my hands. I like being able to get my teammates the ball and I like to get them in a position to be successful."

JH: Once Tony Crocker got healthy you two made quite a backcourt combination, didn't you?

BM: "Tony Crocker is a great guy and my guy. He is the most underrated player that I have every played with. He is strong, can bring it and can really get up and down the court. If I was going to play with anybody I would love to play with Tony Crocker. I would like to see that happen at Oklahoma. I am waiting to hear from the Oklahoma coaches to see what they really want to do this week.

"I have told them that I would like to commit this week and I have a great interest in Oklahoma. I think we could win a national championship at OU and take that program to greater heights than it has ever been at before. I think Tony is an NBA player and I think I am as well. I think we both can really feed off each other. I think we could do some great things at OU and hopefully everything can work out."

JH: Have you talked to Coach Capel much?

BM: "I haven't been able to talk to him a lot, because of the recruiting rules, you know. I have talked to him three times, I think, and our conversations have been great. He told me about his point guard situation and about his program. He also told about the NCAA situation and what his situation was. He is reviewing my transcripts as we speak and I hope to visit out there in a couple of days."

JH: Have you been working out to stay in shape?

BM: I have been out of school for about a month. I just went to prep school to improve my grades and I was able to do that. I still need the test score, but I am going to get that in June. I have never taken the ACT and I know I am going to get that. I have been playing ball whereever I can find it. Last week I went to Cleveland to hang out with LeBron James and some of his boys. I played a ton of pick-up with them and I have played with LeBron before.

"I am always looking for the best competition I can find. Where I am from there are always guys who can really play that I can hook up with and play. Last summer I played all season with DerMarr Johnson (Denver Nuggets) and Kenyon Martin (Denver). During the whole summer I was working out with NBA guys so I have great experience with those kinds of guys. When I was in prep school those guys it made it a whole lot easier for me."

JH: It sounds like you and Tony really want to play together.

BM: "We know each other so well and we really feed off of each other so well. I know when he is coming off the curl and when he is going to go backdoor. I have to play with Tony, because he needs me and I need him just as much as he needs me. I can get him the ball on his spots on the floor. Athletic as he is, I know how to get him the ball where he can take it to the hoop or how to hit him stride so that he can get his jumper off. He knows me and he knows when to run with me. He knows that I am a big-time player and he knows I can depend on him to get a spot, and he can depend on me getting a spot.

"One thing I really like about Tony is that he loves to play defense. I love to play defense and shut my man out. Tony gets right up on his man and plays harder on defense than he does on offense. Tony and I have talked a lot about playing together in college and hopefully that will be at Oklahoma. I think me playing with him and him playing with me would be the best thing for our career and the best thing for Oklahoma."

JH: Who else are you considering in recruiting and who else has offered you?

BM: "I am looking at Wake Forest, Illinois, Tennessee and Cincinnati."

JH: Where does Oklahoma stand among your top give?

BM: "It is down to Wake Forrest and Oklahoma. Oklahoma has the best situation for me, you can put it that way. Oklahoma has the best situation for Bobby Maze, yes they do! I don't see any reason why I can't come in and play right away if I work hard. My chances of going to Oklahoma are higher than any other school."

JH: Have you taken any other visits?

BM: "I haven't taken any other visits."

JH: Is there a chance that you will commit on this visit?

BM: "Yes, there is a chance that I will commit on this visit."

JH: Coach Capel talks about wanting to get the ball up and down the court. Is that the kind of offense you want to be in?

BM: "I feel that is my type of game -- playing up and down. We had that type of discussion. I am more of a fast player like that. That is another thing why the situation at Oklahoma would be good for me. Just like at Patterson, we liked to get up and down, so if I can come into an offense that gets up and down that is my type of game -- my type of speed in the game. I like to pressure and score 100-and-something points a game. That is what I do and I want the best situation for me and if Oklahoma has that kind of situation then that is where I will be."

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