Hoops: Basketball Recruiting Notebook

See inside for the latest on Tony Crocker (pictured above), Bobby Maze, Hernol Hall, Marvin Kilgore and Hasheem Thabeet.

I just got off the phone with Sooner signee Tony Crocker, a 6-foot-6 guard from Patterson Prep School in North Carolina, and he says he is on course to graduate in two weeks. Tony says he needs to make four A's and two B's to graduate, and that he is on course to make all A's.

Crocker's teammate, 6-foot-2 point guard Bobby Maze, still hopes to visit OU soon. However, it may not be this weekend. Maze had to send OU another test score from the last test that he has taken, and it doesn't appear that things can be worked out in time for him to visit this weekend. So, it will probably be early next week when he comes in.

Grades may be a problem for Panola Junior College point guard Marvin Kilgore, as he is still working to graduate from junior college. OU will not bring him in until his grade situation gets works out.

Six-foot-8 center Hernol Hall, from Lon Morris Junior College, has returned to his home land of Costa Rica while he waits for his release from Duquesne. The release is still expected to come and he is still giving all indications that he wants to play at OU.

OU is making a run at 7-foot-2 center Hasheem Thabeet, from Cypress Community Christian School in Texas, but at this point OU has not been able to get into the game. Thabeet has already visited UConn and he is scheduled to trip to Cincinnati next week. After two great AAU tournaments, Thabeet is now ranked as the 39th best player in the country. But where he takes his final three visits remains to be seen.

Louisville and Miami appear to two other programs that are on Thabeet's list at this timem and he says that he will visit those two schools. It is the fifth visit that OU is fighting for and right now Thabeet is not giving any indications that he will take a fifth visit.

One good sign for the Sooners is that he is talking to OU and continues to talk to OU. It will be interesting to see if OU can talk him into taking a fifth visit, but at press time he appears stuck on four.

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