Recruiting: OU offers New York lineman

East Meadow, N.Y. offensive lineman John Elliott profile.

John Elliott, OT, 6'4 ½, 290, 5.2, EAST MEADOW, NEW YORK: John Elliott is a pure franchise type offensive tackle that can dominate a game on his side of the line, which happens to be on both sides of the quarterback.

Elliott will become a three-year starter this season as the strongside offensive tackle, and he loves playing on both sides of the center.

"We throw the ball so much that it is really fun to block on both sides of the line," said Elliott. "In practice and in games, I am lining up both in a left-handed stance and right-handed stance all the time. Most of the time I am pass-blocking so I don't think anything about it any more."

Elliott is an accomplished pass -locker, but he feels he can handle the physical aspect as the game as well.

"I really think run-blocking is my best asset really," said Elliott. "I think in run-blocking and getting that first hit on a defensive end on linebacker is a key, but I think just being relentless is really important in run-blocking. Then in pass-blocking, I think my first punch is the best thing I do. Usually after my first punch, whoever I am blocking is off balance or his momentum is slowed down to the point that he is not moving very quick or fast, and at that point I have control of him."

Eliott is so good at what he does, he is finding out that in today's football playing offensive line is a good thing.

"I love playing offensive line. The position is growing as far as popularity goes," said Elliott. "I think more people realize how important the offensive line is and I think more people are aware that the offensive line plays a big role in the success of the offense."

Elliott trains with resistance type training and hasn't maxed out on the bench in over a year. He trains with belts, pullies and chains. He went to the Elite Combine last summer and recently competed at a camp at Rutgers.

Elliott has been offered by 23 schools, and he is finding the recruiting process interesting.

"I am working to get my list down, and it is not easy," said Elliott. "I think I have made some progress with it and I am going to continue to work on it through the month of May and see if I can't get my list down to 10. I am still trying to take in all the information that I can this month. I am still pretty open right now."

Elliott has been offered Virginia, Michigan, North Carolina, Boston College, Florida, Oklahoma, Rutgers and West Virginia to name a few.

So what does he think about the Sooners?

"Oklahoma is a great program and one of those top teams that you always dream of playing for," said Elliott. "I don't know if I am going to be able to get down there this summer because of the distance factor and everything. But it is still early and you ever know what can happen."

Why are some of the key points that Elliott is going to be considering?

"I want a find a school where it is a great situation for me both as a player and student," said Elliott. "Another key element for me will be the kind of relationship there is between the coaches and players. I want to go to a program where it is a real family atmosphere, and where the coaches really care about the players as people. I would rather stay close to home, but I may find out that the school I like the best is far away from home. Staying close to home is not something that I am locked into. We will just have to see how it goes."

Elliott has qualified.

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