Locker Room Report: Summer workouts heating up

Exclusive summer updates Clint Ingram, Pasha Jackson, Teddy Lehman, Lance Mitchell, Wayne Chambers, Russell Dennison, Travis Wilson, Michael Hawkins, Noah Allen Paul Thompson, Laenar Nixon, DaBryan Blanton, Davin Joseph and JeJuan Rankins

Sooner coaches are disappointed in redshirt freshman linebacker Clint Ingram. Ingram currently weighs 217 pounds, which is about 15 to 20 pounds lighter than they hoped he would be at this point. Sure, he looks ripped, but he is not big enough to be an inside linebacker right now, and with only a month to go before two a-days start, probably can't put more than 5 to 10 pounds on at this point.

When you figure that the double sessions will melt those pounds back off of him, he will be a little light in the britches for middle linebacker. Of course, that is where the Sooners need him, but if he can't hold up in the middle, Pasha Jackson will have to get ready to be the back-up there.

Ingram has been working hard, but he hasn't been eating right and that is what disappoints the OU coaches. They preach to all players that you have to eat a bunch to gain or maintain your weight when they are working so hard in this Oklahoma heat. Ingram has missed a number of meals in the chow hall and that doesn't sit very well with the OU coaches. Ingram believes he can play inside at 217, but we all know that won't be easy.

If Lance Mitchell did get hurt Teddy Lehman would move back inside and Rufus Alexander or Pasha Jackson would step up and start at the weakside linebacker spot. Lehman weighs 243 pounds right now and is doing great in the OU weight room.

Alexander has been the star among freshman who are working out. He has been in Norman the entire summer and has only gone home for a couple of days. He has impressed the coaches a lot and they are getting him ready to play this year. Alexander starts the year at least as the number two weakside backer on the squad and he will also be tried at strong safety.

Wayne Chambers has been to Norman for a couple of weeks and then returned home. He weighs 235 pounds and looks as good as advertised. He is big and physical enough to play the middle as a freshman, but is not expected to play that early. He may have to if Ingram can't handle playing in the middle.

OU still doesn't have much depth at linebacker, especially with players the coaches can count on. It's imperative the Russell Dennison step up and become the player the OU coaches believe that he can be. He needs to come out of the gate making tackles in two-a-days, and if he did the OU coaches would feel a lot better about their linebacker situation. Dennison weighs 240 right now, but because he is not a physical player they can't move him inside.

Most of the freshman have been to Norman at one time or another. They don't all stay and many come in for a couple of weeks then go back home, then come back and go home again. This is OK with the OU coaches, because many of them won't be needed this fall. However, the players like Alexander, Michael Hawkins and Travis Wilson are encouraged to stay around as much as they can, because they have a great chance to play as freshman this fall in back-up roles.

Florida defensive lineman Davin Joseph was called a man by one of the OU coaches and has been impressive when he has been in Norman.

Quarterbacks Noah Allen and Paul Thompson have both been impressive as well. As you would expect, the coaches rave about Thompson's athletic ability.

Georgia receiver JeJuan Rankins stepped off the plane and ran a 4.4. He was called a 'freak' by one of the OU coaches. That is really an positive term for a athlete that is to good to be true.

Texas speedster DaBryan Blanton has been nursing a pulled hamstring that he injured in spring track and has been limited in summer running drills.

Florida tight end Leanar Nixon has been impressive in workouts. He is big enough to play the slot, where he might start out at, but wants to also play tight end and will need to add bulk and strength to play there.

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