Tony Cade: Talks about unofficial visit to Norman

Family ties help Sooners get unofficial visit from the of the Lonestar State's best prospects


JH: How is your summer going?

"Pretty good, I am putting some good work in. I am putting in a lot of hours in the gym and the weight room. I get some pass skell in every once in a while as well."

JH: Have you managed to put on weight this summer?

"I am weighing in at 205, which is two or three pounds more than when I started the summer. I am not trying to put on to much weight for my senior year. I would like to weigh 210 by the time two-a-days start. I lose the weight, but I put it right back on when two-a-days are over. I have a real high metabolism so no matter how much I eat I don't gain a lot of weight."

JH: I understand that you visited OU unofficially in the last week or so, is that right?

"My auntie goes to school at OU and she has finished her degree. She is going to take some kind of technical course somewhere else and I helped her moved back to Tulsa. While I was in Norman I met up with Coach (Bob) Stoops and Coach (Brent) Venables at the football office. I got a chance to see the dorm rooms, which was real insightful, because I talked to actual players about what it was like to be in the football program at OU. I talked to a number of freshmen who were living in the program for the first time and they all said that things were great."

"It was better than an official visit, because I was hearing what was actually going on at OU and it was all great. I got to meet some of the defensive backs and kind of size up my competition and it was a great visit."

JH: Did your latest visit to OU give you a better impression of OU?

"I have always liked OU, so the impression was never in doubt, but the visit made it more realistic and made me feel better about the situation inside."

JH: Did you have a chance to meet a few of the players?

"I met a quarterback from Houston named Noah Allen, a guy from Baton Rouge, Louisiana named Rufus Alexander and a guy from North Carolina named JeJuan Rankins. They were all great guys and it was a lot of fun going down there. I am going to go again before our practice starts."

JH: How does OU stand in recruiting right now?

"OU has a big jump over their competition right now. I have broadened my recruiting scope a little bit and am really looking hard at the schools' business schools as well. Texas and Florida are the other two schools I am really interested in. I guess Colorado as well."

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