Castiglione, Capel respond to NCAAs ruling

New Oklahoma head men's basketball coach Jeff Capel and Director Athletics Joe Castiglione talk about the NCAAs findings. On Thursday, the NCAA accepted OU's self-imposed sanctions, which include the loss of one scholarship through 2007 and restrictions on recruiting phone calls and visits.

Oklahoma's probation will last through May 25, 2008. The NCAA did not impose any postseason penalites on the program.

Below are comments, released today on, from Capel and Castiglione on the NCAAs findings.

Joe Castiglione:

"The NCAA has reached a fair and just conclusion as it relates to the University of Oklahoma. From the time we learned of the violations, many of which were uncovered and reported by our compliance staff, we focused on a response marked by cooperation and integrity. The outcome demonstrates the value of partnering with the NCAA in a spirit of cooperation.

"We accepted full responsibility for our actions and responded in kind by penalizing ourselves in a manner consistent with the violations. We are pleased to see the committee acknowledge the significance of our approach by affirming our response, our penalties and our positions on the appropriate charges.

"We appreciate the difficulty of an investigation. It is difficult for the school, the NCAA and the committee on infractions. In this case, the three groups worked together and reached an outcome that accurately addresses the violations that were committed."

Jeff Capel:

"I think that the hearings and rulings were fair. Obviously we're happy that the situation is resolved. We are eager to move forward with recruiting and with our program in general, and it is encouraging to us that there are no new sanctions that will inhibit our ability to grow this program."

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