Hoops: Catching up with Keith Clark

Oklahoma signee and former Putnam City star Keith Clark talks about his eligibility status, new Sooner head coach Jeff Capel and the style of play he'll bring to OU, and future teammates Blake Griffin and Cade Davis.

Keith Clark, F, 6'9, PUTNAM CITY, OKALHOMA:

JH: All they OU fans hope you are doing well, and they hope things are going well in the classroom as well. How are things going?

KC: "Everything is good. I have to take some classes during the summer. They say everything will be fine if I take these classes and pass them. They do want me to take the ACT again, which I will do sometime in June."

JH: How are your ACT and SAT tests coming along?

KC: "My last test score got flagged by the NCAA. My counselor said it was because I jumped up 10 points on my reading and one other part. I am not really worried about it, because I have been studying for it and everything. I will just take it again and pass it again. I really don't understand where they are coming from because I studied for it, but I will keep studying and pass it again."

JH: What are you doing basketball-wise this summer?

KC: "I am just working out on my own. I am trying to run and put on some weight by getting stronger. I am going to play in the All-State game and I am going to play in the Faith Seven game this summer."

JH: You stuck with OU and Coach Capel. What have been your impressions of Coach Capel thus far?

KC: "Coach Capel is a great guy. I just love his personality. He is young and he is willing to listen. He can relate to the same things in our era and that is really going to be a benefit for the players and me. He is a great coach for a reason and he will prove that while I am at OU."

JH: Coach Capel says he will install a motion offense and that he wants to get up and down the court a little bit. He says he needs players who can handle the ball in the open court and who can pass. Doesn't that sound like you?

KC: "I was glad to hear what kind of offense that he is running. It sounds like he wants to play my style of game. I love to get out with it, run with it and make things happen with a pass or scoring the ball. I like the fact that he doesn't put limitations on people because of size. I am a big man who can handle the ball and he says he will take advantage of that."

JH: I believe you played on the same Athlete's First team that Sooner commits Blake Griffin and Cade Davis played on. What are your thoughts on your former and future teammates?

KC: "Those two are like my little brothers. I looked after Blake for two or three summers and Cade for one summer. It feels good to have them coming with me to OU. They are great players and I feel good about having them on the same team with me at OU."

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