OU still in the mix for big-time Texas WR?

Hempstead, Texas receiver Terrance Toliver talks about the rumors of an early commitment. ******************************************************************** ********************************************************************

Terrance Toliver, WR, 6'5, 185, 4.4, HEMPSTEAD, TEXAS:

JH: What are you doing this summer?

TT: "I am going through seven-on-seven drills right now. We start our offseason program on June 5th, and that will be weightlifting and our agility drills."

JH: Is there any truth to the talk that you are committing to LSU tomorrow?

TT: "That is not true at all. I am not sure where everybody is getting that. That is not true at all. I still plan on taking my time."

JH: Is LSU your frontrunner at this time?

TT: "No, I don't have a frontrunner right now and I don't have a favorite. I promise that Oklahoma has not gone off my list. I am still considering Oklahoma and everybody really. I am pretty wide open right now."

(Tolliver has stated several times before that OU, LSU, USC, Miami and Texas Tech were his favorite schools).

JH: I would guess some might have drawn that conclusion from a statement you made you concerning the commitment of quarterback Jarrett Lee to LSU?

TT: "Yeah, that is probably where some people drew some conclusions. But I never said that I was going to commit to them because of that. I just said that was a big plus for them, but I didn't say I wanted to commit."

JH: When do you plan to announce your decision?

TT: "It will probably be during the school year because I have a lot of things to decide on. I need to get all the information that I can and then get my coaches and parents to look over the information so that we can make a good decision."

JH: How are things going in seven-on-seven drills?

TT: "We have played only one game and we played pretty well. We were behind early, but caught up and eventually won the game. I played a little quarterback in the game. I will do a little of that this year, but I am primarily going to play wide receiver."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma?

TT: "I like Oklahoma a lot. I hope they throw the ball a little bit more, or at least throw it 50-50. I guess Oklahoma does that, but I wish they would throw it a little bit more. I think they are going to compete for the National Championship this year."

JH: What are some of the important aspects of recruiting that you are looking at?

TT: "I am just letting it all come to me. I am not trying to make any decisions, I am just letting it go. I think I am handling recruiting well."

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