Texas QB checks out Oklahoma's summer camp

Gilmer, Texas quarterback G.J. Kinne talks about his status as a quarterback prospect at Oklahoma, his four early favorites and his recent trip to Norman. Kinne also talks about his relationship with top junior running back Justin Johnson.

G.J. Kinne, QB/LB, 6-3, 215, GILMER, TEXAS:

JH: You recently attended the OU summer camp, so how did it go for you?

GJ: "It went real well. I thought I threw the ball pretty well. I just wanted to go there and have some fun with my friends."

JH: What friends did you go to the camp with?

GJ: "Houston Tuminello, Lamar Harris, Justin Johnson (top junior running back) and David Snow were all at the camp and we all had a good time. Justin and David went through the whole camp while me and Houston just went up there on Sunday. I think all of them loved the camp. In talking to Coach Heupel and all the coaches, they all said that the Gilmer kids just shined. We are humble, but I think we can say that we pretty much dominate all the camps that we go to. We have fun when we go to those camps."

JH: What is your status as a quarterback recruit at OU?

GJ: "Coach Heupel told me to call him today and I tried, but I couldn't get hold of him. He said I did real well and they wanted to really think about offering me as a quarterback. So, I still need to get hold of him. They have offered me as an athlete."

JH: How do you feel about OU recruiting you as an athlete right now?

GJ: "That makes me think that I am a really good athlete and they are still evaluating me as a quarterback. They have not offered any other quarterbacks, so the fact that they are still considering me as a quarterback makes me feel pretty good. I am still very high on OU and I am still considering them."

JH: Last time I talked to you, OU and Baylor were your clear-cut choices. At this point do you have other teams involved?

GJ: "It is probably OU, Baylor, Florida and Tennessee. Baylor has offered me as a quarterback. Florida has not offered me yet, but they said they wanted me to go to their camp and they might offer me as a quarterback then. Tennessee has offered me as a quarterback."

JH: Do you have a favorite right now?

GJ: "I don't know. I think they are all pretty much even right now. OU and Baylor were at the front for a long time, but so much has been going on. Right now they are all pretty much even. They are all recruiting me pretty hard."

JH: How would you look at Oklahoma if they decided to offer you as a quarterback?

GJ: "I have looked at OU the whole time as a quarterback, because they are recruiting me as a quarterback. As of right now, I don't think I would go to OU as an athlete. But I would definitely consider going to OU as a quarterback. That could definitely happen. Justin and I are good friends and I know if I go to OU then Justin is going to go to OU."

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