Five-star DE talks checks out Norman

Dallas, Texas five-star defensive end Richetti Jones talks about his unofficial visit to Norman and where the Sooners stand in his top five. Jones is currently ranked as the No. 4 defensive end in the nation by

Richetti Jones, DE, 6-3, 225, DALLAS (LINCOLN HS), TEXAS:

JH: What did you think of your unofficial visit to OU?

RJ: "I loved it. I loved everything about it. I love the facilities, players and coaches. Everything was nice."

JH: Was this planned or a spur of the moment thing?

RJ: "It was kind of a spur of the moment thing. My parents and I had talked about it a week before and just decided to head to Norman. We said we might as well, because we didn't have anything else better to do."

JH: Was that your first time to see Norman?

RJ: "That was my first time to see OU and Norman. I loved everything about it."

JH: What players did you meet?

RJ: "I got to meet some of their defensive ends. I got to talk to Adrian Peterson, but basically I got to meet just about the whole team because they were working out. I got to meet quite a few players."

JH: What did you think of the coaching staff when you got a chance to meet them?

RJ: "They are cool. Just a far as talking to them, they are easy to talk to. I can tell they care about their players."

JH: What did you think of the facilities and system?

RJ: "The facilities were nice all around. I fit perfectly with their defense. I want to be one of the best pass rushers in college football and that is all their defensive ends do — is pass rush off the edge."

JH: What is the latest in recruiting?

RJ: "My top five are Texas, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Oklahoma State and Texas A&M. I don't have a favorite right now."

JH: Does OU have a good chance to sign you?

RJ: "They have a good chance. They are one of my favorites."

JH: What about Texas and Texas A&M?

RJ: "I have a lot of interest in Texas. They are one of the schools on my list. They are not any more on my list than Oklahoma or Texas A&M. I am not ready to commit, and when I do have a favorite I will commit at that time. Texas A&M has a very good recruiting process and they show a lot of love when I go there. They have let me know that they want me to be an Aggie. Texas has good recruiting techniques as well. Oklahoma is not as pushy, but Oklahoma is untouchable in some ways."

JH: What is a typical day like for you during the summer?

RJ: "I work in the morning at my grandfather's golf course. My grandfather is Leonard Jones, who used to be a pro golfer. I used to be good at golf when I was little, but now I have different interests. I go to lift weights at 4:00 in the afternoon for two hours, and then I go out and run on the track. I have to keep working on my quickness."

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