Recruiting: Baton Route DE has OU in top two

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It's a good year for defensive ends, and Frank Alexander fits right in with the very best in the country. A tornado to block off the end, Alexander never loses a battle on the outside and just always seems to be in the backfield.

"I have quick feet and good hips," said Alexander. "I think I have good strength, and then the bottom line is that you just have to want it more than the offensive line."

Alexander broke into the starting line-up as a sophomore and he lettered as a freshman. He had a super junior year earning first-team All-State honors.

He can bench 315 pounds, squats 430 and he has posted a 29 ½ vertical jump. He also starts in hoops averaging 20 points per game as a power forward.

Alexander's first summer camp was at LSU, which finished up today.

"It was real good. I enjoyed it," said Alexander. "I especially liked the facilities. It was great."

Alexander has been offered by LSU, Ole Miss, Auburn, Clemson, Miami, Florida, Notre Dame and Oklahoma.

"I haven't made any decisions yet. I really don't know which sport I really want to play. I think by the middle of the season I will know what I want to do."

In basketball, Alexander has an offer from Tennessee, Southern and Nichols State. Florida and Miami have also shown interest.

"I am starting to lean toward football right now. I think that is what I am going to end up doing," said Alexander. "I enjoy playing football and basketball, but I think football is going to be what I end up doing."

What are Alexander's thoughts on Oklahoma?

"I like Oklahoma. One of the coaches was telling me that they are going to graduate five senior defensive ends," said Alexander. "When I heard that I starting to get more interested in OU, because if I sign there I can go in and start fresh. One of my former coaches, Brad Davis, played at OU. He is always telling me great things about OU.

"I have to say that LSU is my leader because my cousin went there and I grew up around there. I like Oklahoma too. I would say that OU and LSU are my top two schools. I will probably take an official visit to Oklahoma, but I don't think I will take one to LSU. I have been talking to several players and they have told me that it doesn't make any sense to take an official visit to a school where I can drive to it. So, I think I will take one to OU, but probably not LSU."

Alexander's GPA is in good shape. He is currently awaiting his test score on the SAT.

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