RECRUITING: Offer would move OU up OL's list

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Anthony Morgan, OT, 6-4, 335, LANCASTER, TEXAS:

JH: What are you doing this summer?

AM: "I am just full-time dedicated to workouts this summer. I am just working out extra trying to make it happen, trying to get ready for next year."

JH: What kind of workout are you involved with?

AM: "I go to practice around 4:30 p.m. We lift weights for the first hour and then we run and do agility drills for the next hour. Our workouts are a pyramid. We are working off a chart where we are always challenged to work at our maximum effort. We base it off college workouts. We also have several stations set up for agility drills. Then we will also run bleachers or run hills. We work on our quick feet and work on developing more athletic ability. Once I get to practice, I have a pretty full drill."

JH: Is your team competing in 7-on-7 drills?

AM: "Our seven-on-seven has lost only one game. We are actually pretty good. We competed at a tournament at Texas A&M and only lost one game. We have not lost a linemen challenge either. These are drills made up by coaches where the big men can get after it. We do a big man relay, we may do a tug-of-war and then we get to push cars. We have three offensive linemen push a car at a time that is in neutral, and we have not lost a linemen challenge yet. We competed against South Grand Prairie with Tray Allen and we beat them, so we are coming along this summer."

JH: Did you go to any summer camps or combines this summer?

AM: "I went to the Texas A&M one-day camp and the TCU Junior Day. I also went to OU for the spring game."

JH: How many offers have you received at this point?

AM: "I have been offered by Iowa State, Oklahoma State, Arizona, Kansas, Texas A&M, Kansas State, Baylor, TCU, Ole Miss, Colorado State and Houston. I have talked to Oklahoma quite a bit and they wanted me to come up to their camp. I still have a big interest in OU. If they offer, they will go right to the top of my list."

JH: Do you have a leader at this point?

AM: "I really don't have a leader. My top five would be Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Baylor, Kansas State and Notre Dame."

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