RECRUITING: Five-star WR has OU in the mix

Hempstead, Texas wide receiver Terrance Toliver, who is rated as third-best receiver in the nation by, talks about his summer plans and visits, names his top five and talks about his interest in Oklahoma.

Terrance Toliver, WR, 6-5, 190, HEMPSTEAD, TEXAS:

JH: Has your summer been pretty hectic with all the recruiting coverage and conversation that you go through?

TT: "It has been a pretty good summer to go through so far. Really, I haven't been bothered by all the recruiting stuff all that much."

JH: How are workouts going?

TT: "I am getting strong and working hard on the weights. I work out at school with my team and we are getting some great workouts in. I am at 190 pounds right now. Tthat is what I want to weigh when the season starts, but I want to get stronger, and I can do that."

JH: How are you doing in 7-on-7 drills?

TT: "We haven't played in a seven-on-seven game since school stopped. I guess we couldn't get into any tournaments."

JH: What camps and combines did you go to?

TT: "I went to the A&M one-day camp and the LSU camp. I didn't work out at either camp. They told me that I could just watch at the camps. I went to the Rice 7-on-7 tournament, and that was the last tournament that we as a team competed in and we did real well. I did work out at the A&M combine and did real well."

JH: I know that you are kind of a marked man when you go to those combines or camps because of your national ranking. How do you enjoy the competition, especially when you know that guys are gunning for you?

TT: "I am fine with it. I like competition. There was as DB from Norman (Broyles) that wanted to go up against me and I got open, but the quarterback overthrew me. But I was open."

JH: What school are you considering at this point?

TT: "The schools I am looking at are Oklahoma, LSU, Miami, Florida, Texas A&M and Texas Tech. Those are ones I like right now. I don't have a favorite. I am just trying to get to know those schools."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma?

TT: "Oklahoma is going to compete for the National Championship next year. I have seen some of the preseason magazines and they are ranked No. 1 in some of them. I like their offense. They run a spread offense and it is great for the receivers."

JH: You have been on some unofficial visits, haven't you?

TT: "I have been to two unofficial visits already to Texas A&M and LSU. LSU showed me around and I got to meet the coaches and stuff. At A&M, I haven't been on a tour yet. They did show me the football complex, but I haven't been able to see the college."

Tolliver is still looking to quality.

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