Two Minute Drill: J.D. Quinn

Oklahoma sophomore guard J.D. Quinn talks about his recovery from offseason shoulder surgery and where he'll fit in on the Sooners offensive line in 2006. Quinn started four games for the Sooners in 2005 before he was slowed by a shoulder injury. (Photo/Lisa Hall)

The competition within the Oklahoma offensive line will be one of the key things to watch when preseason camp gets underway in early August, and sophomore J.D. Quinn figures to be right in the middle of the mix.

As a freshman, Quinn played in 11 games (starting four). He earned a spot on the Sporting News All-Freshman team, but he was bothered by a shoulder injury toward the end of the year. He then had off-season shoulder surgery to correct the problem, which forced him to sit out spring practice.

Quinn is healthy now and has been released to go full-speed this summer. He will go into preseason camp one of the favorites to start at right guard for the Sooners, and if Jon Cooper isn't totally all the way back Quinn could move over and play center. But Quinn doesn't care where he plays. He just wants to play. Recently, Quinn slowed down enough following a tough summer work out to talk to for the Two Minute Drill.

JH: J.D., everybody just wants to know about your health. How are you doing?

JD: "That is not a concern. My health is not a concern at all. My shoulder is 100 percent better. It is has been five months since surgery and I am working out and lifting all my weights. It is no big deal."

JH: So you can do every lift you want and the shoulder is absolutely no problem?

JD: "It is 95 percent better, but I haven't got to my full strength yet. I am going to be there very soon."

JH: You love to play the game, so how tough was it for you to miss spring practice?

JD: "It was different because I had never been hurt before. I had never had to miss anything football related before, so it was a different situation for me. It really wasn't that difficult for me because I worked with Chad (Roark) a lot, but now he is not here anymore. I tried to teach a lot of things and helped Coach (James) Patton out with a lot of the calls and things. He was new and (Chris) Messner and I were the only two that knew all the calls and stuff. I worked when I could physically work and I was still there in all the meetings."

JH: What are your goals this summer?

JD: "It is to be 100 percent. I want to lose 10 pounds and get stronger. Right now I weigh 310 and the idea is to get down to 300, but I am moving pretty good at 310 so I don't know."

JH: To play on the line at OU, you have to play at a weight where you can move instead of just getting as big as you can, don't you?

JD: "Being able to move is the key to what we do. If you can move in the fourth quarter you are going to feel better and have a better performance. You are not sore and just carrying around dead weight. I would rather have 20 percent body fat and weigh 300 than weight 325 and have 29 to 30 percent body fat."

JH: Who has impressed you at workouts so far?

JD: "Of course, Chris Messer always works hard and he gets everything out of practice that he can get. (Branndon) Braxton is playing well and working hard. I think I am doing pretty well. I would like to see some of those younger guys in a workout, but they are in a different group. We don't know who is there and who is not. We did work with them once and they all seem to be coming along pretty well."

JH: There is going to be tremendous competition in the offensive line, but isn't that something that you have become used to at Oklahoma?

JD: "Yeah, that is not a problem. I was injured, but I will work my way back into the rotation. I am not worried about it."

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