RECRUITING: Illinois OL is a coaches dream

Oak Lawn, Illinois OL Mike Jones names his top two, but will the Sooners still get a visit?


Jones is one of those offensive lineman that all collegiate offensive line coaches must have. He has great size, quickness of the ball and seems mature well beyond his age.

Heading into his senior year, Jones will be a three-year starter working at guard as a sophomore and tackle last season. This season Jones expects to work at offensive tackle as well.

"Most college coaches tell me that they feel I will be an offensive tackle," said Jones. "Some have watched me on film and they like how I pull from the guard spot, but most tell me that I will be an offensive tackle in college."

Jones can bench 355 pounds and last season he worked at the Notre Dame's summer camp. During Jones' junior season he graded out at 100 percent, which is unheard of in any level of football.

Jones has been offered by 15 schools an he expects two more soon.

"Miami and Notre Dame haven't offered me yet, but they will soon," said Jones. "They have offered over the phone, but I haven't received a formal offer in the mail. I have a wide list right now, because it's pretty early. Michigan and Tennessee have a slight lead over Colorado, Nebraska, Miami, Wisconsin, Iowa, Oklahoma and Illinois. I am probably going to wait until January before I make my decision. After all my visits things could change."

"I have been to Michigan so far and I like their offensive line coach (Coach Carr), how they practice and their overall tradition," continued Jones. "I plan to visit Tennessee in August and their O-Line coach, Mike Barry, is regarded as the best in the business. Oklahoma is a school that I rank very high right now and I really like them a lot as well. Oklahoma is a school that I want to visit. I am looking for a little more of a balanced offense than Oklahoma, but I may find out they are exactly what I am looking for."

Jones has qualified.

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