Walk-on punter anxious to get to Norman

Kilgore Junior College punter Michael Cohen talks about his summer plans and his chances of being the starting punter. The 6-foot-0, 205-pounder who averaged 42 yards per punt last season, will walk-on when fall practice begins in early August.


JH: What do you do in the summer to get ready for the season?

MC: "I basically lift weights like the football team does. I keep in shape and do all that I can. Then I kick a bunch. I try kicking every day, but the weather has been letting me. It has been raining like cats and dogs down here. If I was going to kick during game week, I would kick heavy at the beginning of the week and then light at the end of the week. I would also lift during the middle of the week. I went to the Rocky Willingham kicking camp this summer and that was good for me. He is a very good kicking coach."

JH: When do you get to start kicking with OU?

MC: "I am actually moving in on Friday. I have family in Norman and Oklahoma City, so I am going to move up there and get used to things. I can't really be a part of the football team yet until practice starts, but I can do some other things to get situated."

JH: What was your average last year at Kilgore?

MC: "I had 52 punts for an average of 43 yards and 27 kicks inside the 20-yard line."

JH: Do you feel you can get any kind of punt that you need to kick?

MC: "I think I am capable of doing any kind of kick that the coaches want me to. The only time I angle-kicked in junior college is when I pooch-kicked it, but in high school I kicked to the hash-mark. Most of the time in junior college, I just kicked the ball the best that I could and kicked it right to them. And in two years at Kilgore, I didn't have any returned for touchdowns. I can't guess about my hang-time and not all my punts were caught with a fair-catch, but all I know is that I never I had to come close to making a tackle."

JH: How did you end up at OU?

MC: "It was because of the situation of how it all came about. I have family up there and I was delivering a car up there. I was asked by a family member why don't I come and punt at OU. At that time I knew that (Cody) Freeby was on the team, but they told me that he had just been suspended. So, one of my family members knew somebody on the coaching staff and they made a call and it just all worked out."

JH: What do you feel about your chances to be the punter next year?

MC: "I feel I have just as good a chance as anybody. I know between the two of us the job is going to get done. That is really what is important — that between the two of us (Mike Knall) one of us has to do a good job. But make no mistake, I plan on going up there and be the punter next year."

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