Top Oklahoma OL has busy summer planned

Tulsa Union four-star offensive lineman Matt Romine talks about his summer workout schedule and visit plans, interest in Oklahoma and when he might make his decision. Romine was recently ranked as the 81st-best prospect in the nation by ESPN.

Matt Romine, OL, 6'6 ½, 270, 5.2, TULSA (UNION HS), OKLAHOMA:

JH: What have you been doing this summer? Have you been busy taking unofficial visits and with recruiting?

MR: "It hasn't been too bad this summer. I have been working out four to six times a week and trying to relax. I haven't taken any unofficial visits so far this summer, but in a couple of weeks I am going to take some. Things have been a little hot and cold, because for a while I was talking to coaches and reporters all the time. And then the coaches started to take their vacations and the call period was over, so now I get text messages all the time."

JH: What do you think of the text message era in recruiting?

MR: "I think it is a great recruiting tool. It is like a direct link to someone. When somebody can't talk by phone you can still communicate with them, so it is like a direct link to someone. I like that. I don't think they are too hectic or anything. If I get one and they ask me to call back, I don't have to call back right away. You don't have to answer it right then. I can call back when I can. That is really all they want anyway."

JH: How are your workouts going?

MR: I am just trying to get my strength built up and put on weight. I have been successful so far. We work out two to three times with our team and I try to work out two to three times a week with a personal trainer that I have."

JH: What do you want to weigh?

MR: "I weigh around 280. I dropped down to 260 for basketball. I have played basketball the last two years, but I haven't made that final decision whether I will play this year. I have decided that I am not going to graduate at December. I am not going to graduate early so that opportunity is there for me. I will just have to make that decision when I get to it."

JH: Where have you taken unofficial visits so far?

MR: "I have been to Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Arkansas, Nebraska, Miami and Notre Dame. I have been to Notre Dame twice."

JH: Where are you going to visit in a couple of weeks?

MR: "I am going to be visiting Notre Dame, Michigan, Alabama and Tennessee."

JH: This will be your third time to Notre Dame. What is it about the Irish that you seem to like so much?

MR: "I have been interested in Notre Dame since they sent that first letter. I am just interested in what they have going on. I like Coach Weis and Coach Latina, who is the offensive line coach. The main thing to go up there this time is to go up there and see Notre Dame in a relaxed atmosphere with no game going on and really with no classes underway. My mom is going with us this time. It has been me and my dad on most of these visits except to Arkansas, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma?

MR: "Oklahoma has been the school that I have grown up watching and cheering for. I have been to a bunch of their games and bowl games. I like Coach (James) Patton and I have been down to several of their practices. I like how they practice. I like Coach (Bob) Stoops as well."

JH: Do you have a top five or six?

MR: "That is what I am trying to get to. Right now that is what I am trying to do — get down to a five or six by the start of the season. I want to decide on my official visits by the start of the season."

JH: So are you going to announce after the season and after your visits?

MR: "That is what I am leaning toward right now. I have talked to a guy at the Army All-American game about making my decision there. I haven't decided on whether I am going to do that or not, but if I do I will have my decision made. But I just won't release it."

JH: Is it safe to say that OU and Notre Dame are going to be among that top five?

MR: "Yes, that would be safe to say. That is where I am kind of looking right now. I really like Oklahoma and Notre Dame, and I am trying to figure out the other three schools."

JH: You have a new head coach at Union High so how is that going thus far?

MT: "When they first hired Coach Wright a lot of the assistants were staying on so we didn't have a lot of change. Since then several assistants have left so we have had some change. We still have good coaching staff, but we might have some adjustments. We lost our game with Jenks the second game of the year the last two years, but we have come back to have great seasons. Our guys know what it takes to win and I think we are going to be fine."

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