OUInsider Weekend Wrapup (7/15)

See inside for the most in-depth weekly report on Oklahoma Football and Recruiting. This week, we talk about the early impressions of freshman tight end Jermaine Greshman (pictured) during OU's offseason workouts as well as a position-by-position update on recruiting. (Photo/Mike McNeill)

NOTE: We can not, and do not, mention every player every week. The fact that someone is not mentioned in a weekly report is not an indication that the player has not done well. Many times, a player or position was covered in depth in an earlier report. Our policy is to not name players to make sure that everyone is mentioned. To do that we would have to fabricate news - and that would not be in keeping with our reporting style or objectives.

Sizzling Summer De Ja Vu . . .

After a five day break for July 4th, the Sooner players returned for the 'final lap' of summer workouts with now less than three weeks before the entire squad reports for two a days on August 2nd.

The highest temperatures of the summer hit Norman this week, along with usual early morning rain showers. The combination have made for 'sauna like' conditions by mid afternoon, and although the results are less than ideal, they could be a blessing in disguise and become a real advantage a few months hence (September 16), when the Sooners travel to Eugene, Oregon for a huge non conference test.

Who's Hot, Who's Not . . .

Of course, we really won't know how the summer went until the players line up against one another in fall drills. This is particularly true of freshmen, many who have looked great so far, but it's not quite the same as in full scale competition.

For example, how does a highly regarded DB handle getting beat by a receiver, perhaps for the first time in his life? D.J. Wolfe offers a great example of what you want here. Early on, Wolfe was beaten, but he did not let it affect his next play. He would often respond by grabbing an interception or making a big play.

Overall, the summer reports are encouraging, and when they are not, injuries, rather than attitudes, are the culprit in all most all cases. By and large, summer workouts can be described as a big success as we approach the two thirds mark of summer workouts.

Biggest Summer surprise (to date): Has to be the showing of true freshman Jermaine Gresham. The Sooners had an excellent haul in February, and DeMarco Murray, Gresham and Gerald McCoy were considered to be the consensus 'can't miss' headliners in a talent laden, top ten recruiting class.

Of those three, less was immediately expected from Gresham, primarily because of his late season knee surgery; questions about his academic status; and frankly, the fact that TE was not normally a key weapon in the Chuck Long offensive scheme.

First, Jermaine took care of business and quickly qualified, silencing the rumor mongers and 'nay-savers.' He then showed up in Norman and immediately demonstrated to Schmitty and crew that his knee was 100% flexible and strong, and that he was through with re-hab. Initially, the staff was somewhat skeptical and kept expecting to see Jermaine limp off the field after a stressful workout at any time.

It never happened.

When the unexpected good news hit the coaches offices, you can bet that new OC Kevin Wilson went to work developing a weapon that he thought he was not ready to deploy this year. Within hours Wilson had cooked up enough trouble to keep defensive coordinators up all night. Gresham in the slot; Gresham wide; the 6'6" Gresham going against 5'10" corners; Bomar floating a soft-as-a-marshmallow pigskin skyward in the red zone. Oh, the possibilities.

Biggest Summer disappointment (to date): Injury to Brian Simmons: the converted DT was beginning to make a huge impact, and settle some nervous anxiety, when he twisted his knee a few weeks ago. At present, it looks like he could miss the first several games, but more importantly the RS Freshman will miss valuable development time and the practice of OL skills in two-a-days. In time, Simmons will be a huge asset to the Sooners offensive line.

Progress Reports

Brandon Crow, has shown that his recruitment was no fluke, as his work in the weight room has been impressive, even when compared to older 'backers. The bottom line is that Crow is considerably stronger that what was reported last fall. It may help to explain how the Comanche, (OK) linebacker had over 600 tackles in his HS career.

Reportedly, Altus linebacker Daniel Tabon, (6-3 / 215 / 4.45), is ready to go and will check into Norman this weekend. Tabon is so talented, he could be moved early on, or literally play any number of positions, although Brent Venables will not easily excuse one of his most exciting prospects.

The OL always carries the 'worry tag' around the Sooner nation, so we'll address that by saying that this summer offers more hope than last, with several returning starters, (Chris Messner, Jon Cooper, Branndon Braxton, and George 'Duke' Robinson), and a few new faces on hand.

No one in recent memory has remade themselves like 'Duke' Robinson over the last 12 months. Robinson will start, at either guard or tackle, and that's a testament to months of hard work. A year ago big Duke could hardly run 40 yards. But after dropping many pounds of fat, and replacing it with Smitty induced muscle, Robinson looks like the real deal, and in two or three years, could be OU's next OL candidate for All America honors.

Coffeyville JC newcomer Brandon Walker, (6-3 / 298 / 5.2). also lost almost 20 pounds of extra weight, and now looks great at just under three bills. The work showed coaches that he is totally serious about his career, and did more to improve his chances at meaningful playing time than anything else he could have done. Still, two a days could be a challenge, as he adjusts to OU's excellent DT corps. But, if Walker can hang on for a few weeks, and make the adjustment without getting frustrated, he could easily start.

Many high school offensive linemen mistakenly believe they have to get huge before they report to college. Longview OL Trent Williams, (6-4 / 310 / 5.3), probably gained too much weight, (30 - 35 pounds), before reporting, but has worked hard to turn a lot of that into something more beneficial than flab. Williams will likely red shirt, but he has shown that his recruitment was not in vain. Williams work ethic has shown that he will be a great addition to the OL in time.

Corsicana's Cory Brandon was one of the most highly ranked OL's in Texas last year, but at 6-6 / 260, needed some extra beef. Normally, Schmitty likes O-linemen to gain 12 - 15 pounds a year, but in Brandon's case his frame could certainly handle more, and he already added about 15 pounds, most of that muscle. Brandon is still not 'thick' enough to play this year, but in time coaches believe that he will star.

Put projected starting center Jon Cooper in the 'good news' category as well. Cooper has fought through his injury and continues to make progress almost daily. At present, he is still on schedule to play on September 2, although, as we have said, he may get more rest in two a days than others.

We frequently 'rag' and rail against recruiting rankings, and Chase Beeler, (6-3 / 275 / 5.4), only gives us more ammo to continue. Beeler was a lowly ranked '3 star' a year ago, (although being ranked at #66 among the 500 OL that received D1 scholarships is still admirable), but the Jenks star has come in and made himself invaluable to this recruiting class and t the future of the Sooner team.

What Makes a Good OL Prospect 'Great' ?

Merv Johnson, who knows a bit about the offensive line, says that Beeler's intelligence is what separates him from others. "You have to be smart enough to recognize what the defense is doing, and they never make it easy. And you also have to be controlled enough so that you don't get caught up in letting your emotions dictate your actions. You can do that on defense, but if you try to do it on offense you'll end up getting beat. Chase apparently has a perfect blend of size strength, athletic ability and smarts. I think he'll make all of us very proud before he leaves here."

We asked Merv what he looked for when he watched O-linemen in high school. What makes a great prospect?

"Well, first you look for size," he said. "No matter how good you are, at 6 foot, 225 pounds you're just not going to be big enough to play at this level. The next thing I want to see is flexibility. That may sound strange, but a guy that can't bend over can't adjust to the defensive linemen. He'll be too easy to run around."

"Then foot speed. Can he counter the quick moves of a defensive lineman? You'd be surprised at how many fail this test. They look good when going against guys with size and no quickness, but that's not reality in college. And of course intelligence, which Beeler is a great example of."

"Technique is important, but you can teach a lot of that. I put that down the list somewhere, as long as I think the prospect has the ability to perform. For example, most kids in high schools don't know how to use their hands. They're just not taught it. Most high school staffs just don't have the number of coaches, or the time to work on it like they will in college."

Defensive Updates . . .

There have been several defensive players mentioned and detailed as excelling in past weeks reports, particularly sophomore Reggie Smith, seniors C.J. Ah You and Larry Birdine, and sophomore Auston English; but no one has been any more impressive than big Gerald McCoy. In workouts, McCoy is almost a king size version of Adrian Peterson, who hit the campus a few years ago running and has not stopped.

One staff member said that Gerald has been impressive from day one. His work ethic, attitude, character have all been applauded. Only a few months removed from high school - McCoy has already shown leadership potential in devouring not one, but often two Schmitty workouts a day.

"He has been great from day one," one staff member said. "But when he got here he had a somewhat soft 'Biff' (the Michelin man), body. But over the past few months we've seen him turn into more of a big, hard body 'Mr. Clean.' He may be only 18, but he's already a man."

Among the 'older' defensive players, sophomore Cory Bennett, is having a great summer, and going to be very difficult to block this year. If you recall, Bennett was very impressive in two a days as a true freshman, and some Sooners fans may have forgotten about the San Antonio product. However, not OU coaches, who expect the 6-2 / 280 Bennett, with gifted strength and quickness, to give tiring offensive linemen nightmares after they battle Carl Pendleton, DeMarcus Granger, and Gerald McCoy.

Include Claremore redshirt freshman Billy Blackard, (6-3 / 285), in the possible D-line rotation as well. Blackard may have been on the 'MIA list' of many Sooner fans, but remains a solid prospect with outstanding potential in the eyes of OU coaches. "He reminds me of former Sooner Ricky Bryan," one OU coach said. That would be a pretty big addition, as Bryan was a standout at DT for the Sooner teams from 1980-83.

In the defensive backfield, sophomore Nic Harris (6-3 / 220) and redshirt freshman Keenan Clayton, (6-2 / 215) are fulfilling prophecies of future greatness, and both look like the current favorites to grab rotating, or possible starting spots at safety. (Harris along with Darien Williams at FS; Clayton at SS).

Meanwhile at corner, injuries and uncertain recovery times are affecting promising redshirt freshman Brian Jackson, (6-1 / 190) and junior Marcus Walker(5-10 / 197). Jackson, who was expected to push for a starting position this fall, is the most uncertain at this point. Walker, is still occasionally bothered by a nagging shoulder, appears to be in better shape, and looks like he is well enough to play.

The coaching staff certainly trusts Walker - who has started before, but is also frustrated with the setbacks caused by injuries. Look for Reggie Smith, D.J. Wolfe, Lendy Holmes and Walker to be in the rotation at corner; and for Jackson to be there as well when he heals to 100%.

Catching On . . .

Rhett Bomar's receiving corps have all had received good grades during the summer session so far, particularly sophomores Malcolm Kelly, (6-4 / 218), Juaquin Iglesias, (6-0 / 198) and senior Paul Thompson (6-4 / 212). However, sophomores Fred Strong, (6-1 / 205), and Quentin Chaney (6-5 / 211), (shoulder), are not yet 100% due to nagging injuries, with Strong's being the most troubling.

Fantastic Freshmen . . .

All in all, the incoming freshmen class has been labeled by strength and speed staff as the best class of the Stoops era. It was very a very impressive class from day one of summer drills. But several freshmen have hit 'the wall' after very strong openings, are starting to show that they may be human after all.

One, Quinton Carter, (6-1½ / 172 /4.6), the early DB (safety) entry from Las Vegas, has been more 'freshman like' than superstar in the last few weeks. We mention Carter, because he showed early on that he may be the surprise star of the class. He still could be, but lately he has been progressing at a rate typical of younger players instead of lapping the field.

"It's almost impossible for the new guys to keep up with the physical regimen that we subject them too," one S&S staff member explained. "But that's all part of it. We push them right to the edge, and sometimes over it, because that's the only way for them to get better. It very common, and almost expected, that it will catch up with them sometime in the first few months. But they survive it, and in fact can build on it."

Happy Returns . . . We've made many references to Reggie Smith lately. Smith is a great example of how freshmen, no matter how highly touted, just need time to adjust to the game. The biggest difference is probably mental, particularly confidence.

We look for Smith to make a run at All Conference honors this year, and we could also see him shore up an incredibly weak area from last season, punt returns. After watching Antonio Perkins set an NCCA record, 2005 was painful to see the Sooners do absolutely nothing in the punt return game.

Smith has what it takes, the ability to make the first defenders downfield miss. After that, he's all excitement.

Which brings up another 'return' subject: kickoffs. The skills are slightly different, KO return men have to have the ability to grab the ball and go 'north and south' very quickly. (For you Aggies monitoring the board, that would be 'east and west'). Juking and jumping around will usually get you downed inside the 20.

"Take the ball and haul it up field," one OU coach said this week. "If a seam opens hit it - if not, try to get to the thirty." Look for Allen Patrick to get a chance to star here. DeMarco Murray, although he can make people miss, may also get a chance here, but it's unlikely that kickoff returns alone will keep him from red shirting, if he is not able to crack the top three.

And speaking of special teams, there may be several interesting possibilities involving Paul Thompson in the punt game from an up back position. Thompson, with 4.5 speed and good strength, might be the perfect candidate to pick up forth and one, or could even pass the ball if the defense unit shows a too aggressive tendency in the rush.

Just Kick the %@*&# Ball . . .

More than anything, OU's special teams is most in need of a punter to get serious and kick the stuffin' out of the pigskin - for at least a 40 yard average. Kilgore Junior College punter Michael Cohen (6-0 / 205), has transferred to Oklahoma and intends to do just that.

Cohen had 52 punts for an average of 43 yards and 27 kicks inside the 20-yard line last year at Kilgore, provides a breath of fresh air after Cody Freeby stunk up the place with a bad attitude and was dismissed from the squad last spring.

Most Sooner fans have been frustrated watching an erratic punting game for two years. Any chance that Cohen understands geometry enough to know that when you're inside the forty it might pay to kick at an angle?

"I am capable of doing any kind of kick that the coaches want me to. The only time I angle-kicked in junior college is when I pooch-kicked it, but in high school I kicked to the hash-mark. Most of the time in junior college, I just kicked the ball the best that I could and kicked it right to them."

Obviously, in order to win the job, Cohen must first beat out Mike Knall, who has also been inconsistent at times.

But Cohen says he is well aware of that: "I feel I have just as good a chance as anybody. I know between the two of us the job is going to get done. But make no mistake, I am going up there to be the punter next year."

Recruiting . . .

We're holding to our prediction that approximately 14 - 15 scholarships will be available by next February, although the number is 12 at the present time. Of the available slots, five have already been spoken for:

Jontae Bumpus - DE - Muskogee, OK
Desmond Jackson - DB - Seguin, TX
Jamell Fleming - DB - Arlington, TX
Austin Box - LB - Enid, OK
Mike Reed - LB - Yuba JC, CA

So we are left with ten openings, and almost 50 candidates. Here are the prospects, listed by position and in the order that we believe that OU has the best chance at signing. However there will be additions, surprises and shakeups almost weekly from now until January. From today until signing day, we will list prospects by these criteria; (Position and Best Bets to sign).

ATHLETES: Projected: 1 - 4 / Current Commitments: 0

Every week we reinforce the fact that versatility and the ability to play more than one position are crucial this year. At present, here is OU's offer list of Athlete Prospects - with their current Super Prep/Scout national ranking ('X'), and listed in order of signing possibility - as of this date:

Travis Lewis (RB ***) S - Ath (6'2, 220, 4.3), San Antonio, TX (Lee)
Chad Jones (11 S) Ath (6-3 / 220 / 4.5) Baton Rouge, LA (Southern Lab)
Gerald Jones (19 RB) (6-1 / 190 / 4.49) OKC (Millwood)
Ben Bass (25 DE) DE/OL (6-4 / 260 / 4.9), Plano, TX (West)
Sam Proctor (RB ***) Ath (6-1 / 205 / 4.4), Pearland, TX
Jermaine Love (UR) Ath (5-11½ / 206 / 4.4), Garland, TX (North)
Kamar Aiken, (****) FS/WR, (6'2 / 205 / 4.4), Hollywood, (Chaminade Madonna Prep) FL
Doug Wiggins, (10 CB) Ath, (5-10½ / 185 / 4.5), North Miami Beach, FL
Billy Chavis, (5 TE) Ath - TE, (6'5 / 227 /4.7), Beaumont, (Westbrook), TX (future offer pending)
Cameron Jordan (UR ***) DE (6-4 / 240), Chandler, Arizona (future offer pending)

Moving the furthest UP the 'Best Bet to Sign' charts at 'Athlete' this week, to the relief of the Sooner coaching staff is Millwood standout Gerald Jones. Jones has been a regular for a couple of years at OU camps and he coaches long ago fell in love with his abilities, and his personality as well.

Jones is blessed to have good size and even better speed and quickness. He can start and stop on a dime and has a great change of direction. Jones has great hips and because of all these attributes he would make an excellent defensive back, but is also very dangerous with the ball and is terrific in space because of his ability to make people miss. Gerald shows good vision and instincts for the game that you can not teach.

A week ago, Jones, who was named to the ESPN 'Top 100' list this past week, (#84), was rumored to have dropped OU off of his list, but a recent push by the OU staff apparently has the Sooners back in the picture along with co leaders Texas Tech and OSU.

"I am having off and on thoughts about Oklahoma. Sometimes I talk to Bob Stoops and he seems like a really nice guy, and then at times I don't hear from him and I wonder what he thinks about me. I am really considering OU because they have a great program, great academics and they are putting people in the pros. That is really my ultimate goal — to play at the next level and OU is doing as well as anybody in that regard. So, I am seriously considering OU."

That statement makes it look like both parties like the other, but wonder who likes who the best. If OU has really not had constant contact, then the fault lies with the Sooner recruiting staff. It's almost like that chicken and the egg issue - (Who stopped liking who first?) Or maybe it's just a case of misunderstandings.

To set the record straight, there is no apparently no other athlete that OU likes more than Jones. They like him so much that they will spend more effort to get him than anyone else on the list.

RUNNING BACK - Projected: 1 / Current Commitments: 0

Running Back Prospects:

Lennon Creer (8) (6-1 / 195 / 4.45), Tatum, TX
Joseph Reese RB (6-2 / 190 / 4.4), of Pflugerville, TX ('Soft' A&M Commitment)
Caleb King (3) (5-11 / 197 / 4.4), Lilburn, (Parkview), GA

We added Georgia's Caleb King (#3 RB) (5-11 / 197 / 4.4), to OU's list last week, after King had mentioned that he had an interest in the Sooners. Make that mutual. It will be interesting to see if OU makes King's visit list, which has not been set.

As we mentioned last week, if OU gets none of the above, Travis Lewis, or Sam Proctor, would likely come off of the athlete list and fill the top two slots under 'Running Back.'

RECIEVERS - Projected: 2 / Current Commitments: 0

At present, here is OU's offer list of Receiver prospects- with their current Super Prep/Scout national ranking ('X'), and listed in order of signing possibility - as of this date:

Corey Wilson, (UR) (6-0 / 185 / 4.4), Carrollton (Creekview HS), TX
Ron Brooks (6) SR (6-0 / 170 / 4.5) Irving, TX (MacArthur)
Terrance Toliver (3) WR (6-5 / 188 / 4.4), Hempstead, TX
Dez Bryant (UR ****) WR (6-1 / 203 / 4.6) Lufkin, TX
James Kirkendoll (UR ****) SR (5-11 / 178 / 4.4), of Round Rock, TX
Greg Little (8 LB) WR (6-3 / 205 / 4.5) Durham, NC (Hillside)
Arrelious Benn (1) WR (6'2 / 205 / 4.4), Washington D.C. (Dunbar)

One of the top three receivers nationwide is Terrance Toliver from Hempstead, Texas who said this week that he's not narrowed his final list down, but there are several known favorites:

"If I had to name seven schools, they would be LSU, Miami, USC, Florida, Oklahoma, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State. I would say that LSU and Miami are probably recruiting me the hardest - but all of them are pretty much doing the same thing," Toliver said. "They are giving me good advice about how the recruiting thing goes and how I should take my time. I don't have any timetable. I haven't set up any official visits."

The Sooners are also working East Texas prospect Dez Bryant. Suiting up for Lufkin High School, Bryant, at 6-1 and 203 pounds had a solid junior season in 2005 catching 48 passes for 1,025 yards and 16 TD's while averaging 21.6 yards per catch.

Bryant, who said that he's working out a lot at the track to improve his speed, reporting that it's showing results as he's running a 4.54 consistently now. His current favorite list is: LSU, Oklahoma, Texas, Texas A&M, Florida, and Florida State.

"Academics are going to play a big role in making my decision. I want to make sure things are good for me academically first. "

OFFENSIVE LINEMEN - Projected: 3 / Current Commitments: 0

At present, here is OU's offer list of Offensive Line prospects- with their current Super Prep/Scout national ranking ('X'), and listed in order of signing possibility - as of this date:

Matt Romine ( UR ****) OL (6-6 / 275 / 5.2) Tulsa, OK (Union)
Po'u Palelei (25) OL (6-3 / 314 / 5.8) Las Vegas (Bishop Gorman)
Lee Ziemba (6) OL (6-7 / 295 / 5.2) Rogers, AR
Javario Burkes (22) OL (6-6½ / 300 / 5.2), Phoenix, AZ (Moon Valley)
Tray Allen (2) OL (6-4½ / 290 / 5.3), Grand Prairie, TX (committed to UT, but still talking to OU).

OU keeps hanging around for the services of Rogers, Arkansas stud Lee Ziemba, (6-7 / 295 / 5.2), who is ranked as the 6th best OL nationwide. Notre Dame, Auburn and Arkansas all look strong as well, and others are still possible. Lee's father attended Auburn, so look for the War Eagles - Plainsmen - Tigers et all to be around until signing day, as long as the NCAA doesn't slap them for the academic indiscretions disclosed earlier this week.

"I still haven't decided where I'm going on my official visits yet, we're still working on that," Ziemba explained. "It's tough because you only get five visits and you'd like to see everything.

Although Tulsa's Matt Romine has not named a top six, currently, it looks like a Notre Dame - Oklahoma shoot out for Union star who was also named to ESPN's Top 100 (81) list this week. "I really like Oklahoma and Notre Dame, and I am trying to figure out the other three schools."

"Right now that is what I am trying to do — get down to a five or six by the start of the season. I want to decide on my official visits by the start of the season. I have been to Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Arkansas, Nebraska, Miami and Notre Dame, (twice), and (this summer) I am going to be visiting Notre Dame, Michigan, Alabama and Tennessee."

"I have been interested in Notre Dame since they sent that first letter. I am just interested in what they have going on. I like Coach Weis and Coach Latina, who is the offensive line coach. The main thing to go up there this time is to go up there and see Notre Dame in a relaxed atmosphere with no game going on and really with no classes underway. My mom is going with us this time. It has been me and my dad on most of these visits except to Arkansas, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State."

"Oklahoma has been the school that I have grown up watching and cheering for. I have been to a bunch of their games and bowl games. I like Coach (James) Patton and I have been down to several of their practices. I like how they practice. I like Coach (Bob) Stoops as well."

As expected, Littleton, Colorado OLRyan Miller (6-8 / 280 / 5.1), officially closed the door on all but four schools this week, and the Sooners as expected are no longer in the mix.

DEFENSIVE ENDS - Projected: 2

Jontae Bumpus
- (6-4 / 220 / 4.6) Muskogee, OK. (Committed to Oklahoma)

Defensive End Prospects:

Richetti Jones (4) DE (6'3½ / 235 / 4.6), Dallas, TX (Lincoln)
Frank Alexander DE (6'4 ½ / 229 / 4.7), Baton Rouge, LA (Southern Lab)
Everson Griffen (1) DE (6-4 / 265 / 4.55), Avondale, AZ
Sam Acho (6-3 / 245 / 4.7), Dallas, (St. Marks), TX

Oklahoma is close to offering another defensive end prospect, (and no, it's not Hawaii's Sam-Earl Fehoko).

The new DE prospect that we expect to see offered by Oklahoma is Dallas St. Mark's DE Sam Acho (6-3 / 245), who recently provided film to the Sooner staff and so far, passes the eye test. The Sooners have indicated that they would like to review a few more reels, but we look for an offer to be headed south soon.

DEFENSIVE LINEMEN - Projected: 1 / Current Commitments: 0

Defensive Line Prospects:

Joseph Barksdale (19 OL) (6-5½ / 315 / 4.9), Detroit, MI (Cass Technical HS)

Rolando Barragan DT/DE (6-3 / 262 / 4.8) El Camino JC (CA)

Again, like it or not, these guys are talented enough to make great OL's if they can not crack the rotation at DT. The key here is if they'll listen to reason ahead of ego. If so, either is a good bet, if not, OU's chances are slim. At this time, Rolando Barragan is the best possibility here.

DEFENSIVE BACKS - Projected: 3

The Prospects:

Desmond Jackson, (18) - CB (6'1 / 190 /4.5), Seguin, TX. (Committed to Oklahoma)
Jamell Fleming - (UR ***) CB (5-11 / 197 / 4.5) Arlington (Sequin) TX (Committed to Oklahoma)
Christian Scott (9) (6'0½, 189, 4.4), Dallas, TX (Skyline)
Jermaine Love (UR) (5-11½ / 206 / 4.4) Garland, TX (North)
Jeremy Kerley (UR) (5-10 / 175 / 4.5) Hutto, TX

We told you last week that Bob Stoops was getting personally involved with Dallas Skyline's Christian Scott , who we claim is OU's #1 prospect for one remaining DB slot. Scott is seriously considering OU along with A&M, Texas, LSU, Florida State and Arizona.

"You could say I favor Oklahoma a lot," said Scott, (ranked nationally as the #9 safety). "That's because they are the only school I've been to and I've met all their coaches. I really like the coaches and the relationships they have with the players. They are down-to-earth and I'm comfortable with them."

"I love the coaches at OU. There are a lot of OU fans in the city and I talk to them all the time. I had a great time up there. I have built a relationship with coach (Bob) Stoops, coach Chris Wilson, coach (Brent) Venables and coach (Bobby Jack) Wright. Getting a great relationship with the coaches is very important because I am going to be dealing with them every day. I think that is very important — to get a good relationship with the coaches."

But it's not exactly in the bag for the Sooners, Scott has plenty of other options.

"I'm going to visit Texas on July 30 with my brother. I have the utmost respect for him and will listen to his opinion. I'm also looking hard at Texas A&M and Florida State and LSU. LSU is recruiting me as a wide receiver too," he said. "Everyone else wants me for free safety because of my speed and because that's where I have the most experience. I prefer playing defense."

"My parents don't have any preferences and I never had a childhood favorite as far as colleges go. I never cared that much about college football. I've always been a Dallas Cowboys fan," he said.

LINEBACKER - Projected: 2

Oklahoma is very happy with their two LB commitments and will close the door unless there are career ending injuries or other unforeseen events.

LB Austin Box (1 - S)- (6-3 / 217 / 4.6), Enid, OK. (Committed to Oklahoma)
LB Mike Reed - (UR - JC) (6-3 / 250 / 4.6), Yuba JC, Marysville, CA. (Committed to Oklahoma)

PK / PUNTER: Projected: 0 - 1 / Current P/PK Commitments:

The Kicker / Punter Prospects:

Wesley Bryan (6-0 / 180) Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas (Florida) (offer pending)
Stephen Hoge, (6-2 / 200), OKC PC North (offer pending)
Jimmy Stevens, (5-6 / 150), OKC Heritage Hall (offer pending)
Matt Szymanski, (6-2 / 190), A&M Consolidated, Texas ('Soft' commitment to A&M)
OU would like to wait until October to offer one of the above, and if Szymanski goes ahead with his stated plans to enroll at A&M early this fall, that would naturally eliminate him.

QUARTERBACK - Projected: 0 - 1 / Current QB Commitments: 0

Gilmer, Texas QB G.J. Kinne should commit to Florida or Baylor tomorrow evening. Oklahoma could not convince Kinne that he could play positions other than QB, and were totally honest about their doubts that he could start or play effectively at QB in the Big 12.

It is possible, but unlikely, that OU will see a QB this fall that they offer.

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