Hoops: Sooners offer Kansas point guard

Burlington, Kan. point guard Tyrel Reed talks about his game, the comparrisons to former Jayhawk Kirk Hinrich, his current list and interest in Oklahoma. Reed is currently rated as the 65th-best prospect in the nation by Scout.com.

Tyrel Reed, PG, 6'2, 175, BURLINGTON, KANSAS:

JH: It seems like a million coaches are watching you this summer and you are drawing a lot of attention. How is the summer going for you?

TR: "I thought this summer that things have been going pretty good and I have been playing pretty well. I have been getting more attention and that has been kind of nice."

JH: How many years have you started in high school?

TR: "I started some as a freshman and I have started the last two years. It is kind nice to have my dad (Stacy Reed) as my coach. It has been great playing for him."

JH: What is it like playing for your dad?

TR: "I have loved it. I have grown up always getting coached by my dad and it has been a lot of fun. It is just high school now and he has the right to yell at me a little more, but it has been fun."

JH: What did you average last season?

TR: "I think I averaged 23 points, six assists, five steals and five rebounds."

JH: What did you average as a sophomore?

TR: "I think I averaged 18 points, four steals and five assists."

JH: You are a point guard who can score. Do you feel you will be a point guard in college as well?

TR: "I think in college I will be more of a point guard, but I could play the two-position as well. I feel more comfortable at the point and I think that will be the case in college as well."

JH: You have been compared to former KU star Kirk Hinrich. Would you agree with those comparisons?

TR: "It is a comparison because we have a similar look and style of play. I don't think we have the same game by any means, but it is a good comparison for me."

JH: How many schools have offered you?

TR: "There has been quite few. I have been offered by several schools in the ACC and Big 12."

JH: What schools are you most interested in?

TR: "I am looking at Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma then Stanford out west. Then North Carolina, Georgia Tech and Wake Forest in the ACC."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma?

TR: "It is a new relationship between us. Coach (Jeff) Capel has been coming in and showing some interest. I am just getting to know him and I think he is going to do a great job."

JH: What are your thoughts on Coach Capel?

TR: "He is a really good coach and I am getting to know him better all the time."

JH: What are some of the key things you are looking for in selecting a school?

TR: "I am looking for the right type of system. I want to play in an up-tempo style and in a system where I can make plays. I want to be able to get up and down the court."

JH: Is a schools' depth chart important to you?

TR: "Yeah, because I don't want to go to a place where I am going to sit on the bench for three years and only play as a senior. I know that I am going to have to earn my spot no matter where I go, but I need to be smart what I do when I chose a school."

JH: Is it safe to say that you will take an official visit to OU?

TR: "I haven't sat down and decided who I am going to visit yet, but I would say that they are one of the schools that I am seriously considering for a visit in the fall. I haven't totally decided that yet. I will probably decide that after playing in the next two tournaments in Vegas and Kansas State."

JH: Many feel that you are really most interested in Kansas and North Carolina, but because they haven't offered you yet you are looking at other schools just in case they don't come up with a scholarship. Is that line of thinking true?

TR: "Right now I am really wide open. I have no favorites and it is not like if somebody else comes back and offers that I will go there. I am keeping an open mind."

JH: What are both Kansas and North Carolina telling you at this point?

TR: "Both have told me that they are really interested and if their scholarship situation changes that they will get back to me."

JH: Coach Capel was an outstanding point guard at Duke, so does that give you something more to think about when you consider OU?

TR: "I think it helps a lot. He knows what a guard is thinking and he knows a lot about how the game is shaping up from a guards' standpoint. I think he could give some great insight on what a guard should do in certain situations, and I think that would be a lot of fun for me and help me better my game."

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