Recruiting: Top Texas RB set for final visit

Tatum, Texas running back Lennon Creer talks about his progress during summer workouts interest in Oklahoma, as well as his other three finalists. Creer is currently reated the 8th-best running back in the country by (Photo: Les Hassell/News-Journal Photo)

Lennon Creer, RB, 6-0, 190, 4.5, TATUM, TEXAS:

JH: How is your summer going?

LC: "It is going pretty well. I am working out and they are going well. That is about all I have going this summer."

JH: What have your goals been this summer?

LC: "I wanted to get faster and get stronger. I believe I have, as I have my bench up to 315."

JH: Have you taken any unofficial visits this summer?

LC: "I have been to Oklahoma State. It was OK, it was nice. The coaches were very friendly. I would have a good opportunity to play early there, but they had a bad season last year so I need to watch and see how they do this year."

JH: Are you close to making a decision?

LC: "Yes sir, I am. I have one more visit to take to Tennessee and then I am going to come back and make my decision."

JH: Who has your decision come down to?

LC: "I am still considering Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Tennessee and Miami. I am going to get a see OU, OSU and Tennessee, but I am not going to be able to visit Miami."

JH: As of today, who is your leader?

LC: "No, I don't have a leader."

JH: Tell me about your thoughts about the four contenders?

LC: "I like Oklahoma a lot. I went up there for the spring game and it was a great atmosphere. I like the coaches and the players a lot. At Oklahoma State, it was nice up there and they are rebuilding a lot of stuff. I think it is going to be really nice in the future. I just know a little bit about Tennessee and won't know a lot about them until I visit there. The same goes with Miami, but they put out a lot of people in the NFL and that's impressive."

JH: What are some of the key points that you will consider in making your decision?

LC: "Sending players to the NFL is important to me, and how they are developing people for the next level. The depth chart is important to me. I don't want to go someplace where they have a bunch of running backs stacked up ready to play. How a team runs the football is also important to me because I want to go somewhere that they at least run the ball."

JH: Do you really have an idea where you are going, but you are not saying?

LC: "Yes, I have an idea where I am going. But it is not totally decided yet. I am just trying to think things through."

JH: What school do you feel the most comfortable at?

LC: "So far I have felt the most comfortable at OU and OSU, but my visit to Tennessee may change that. I have an idea where I am going to go, but we will see what happens after I get back from Tennessee next week. Once I get back I will probably take a week or so and make a decision where I want to go to school."

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