RECRUITING: Top Texas DE has five favorites

Did the Sooners make the cut for the outstanding four-star defensive end from Tyler, Texas?


OUIN: How is your summer going?

TC: It is going pretty good. I just came back from LSU yesterday and that was pretty good. I am working hard in the weight room getting stronger and gaining weight. I weigh about 235 pounds right now.

OUIN: Did you go to the full camp at LSU?

TC: I just went for the one day camp at LSU. I didn't stay for the full day, because I needed to get back home.

OUIN: Is LSU one of the schools you are interested in?

TC: Yes, sir. I have five schools right now that I like the most and they are Texas, LSU, Arkansas, Nebraska and Kansas State.

OUIN: Have you dropped Oklahoma off of your list?

TC: I have ruled out Oklahoma right now because they have some young defensive ends in their program. They have a junior All-American who may stay around at Oklahoma for his senior year and they recruited three All-American's last year. Or at least I think they recruited three All-American's last year. I know that Zac Latimer is an All-American."

OUIN: Is early playing time a big key in your recruiting process ? And what are you looking for out of school during recruiting?

TC: I am looking for a team that is telling me the truth. If that is not true about OU then that will upset me. OU didn't tell me that, but some other schools told me that. LSU tells me that they have three linebackers leaving after this upcoming season. I hope that is right, because I have a tough decision to make and I need to know the truth about what is going one with each school. LSU is recruiting me as a linebacker and that is OK with me. I want to play as a freshman or at least that is what I would prefer to do.

OUIN: Have you set up any visits at this time?

TC: I have set up visits with Nebraska (12-13), but that is all right now.

OUIN: When does your practices start?

TC: We start August 5th and have to be ready to go by six in the morning. That is going to be tough, but at least we will beat the heat. Then we will go back out there at six in the evening for another couple of hours. We have a new coach. He has changed some things up on us."

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