Monday's Big 12 Media Day Notebook

The 2006 Big 12 Media Day series kicked off Monday in Kansas City, and was there to witness the press conferences of Nebraska's Bill Callahan, Baylor's Guy Morriss, Kansas State's Ron Prince and Texas Tech's Mike Leach. See below for our Day 1 impressions.

Schools today: Nebraska; K-State; Baylor; Texas Tech.

Biggest News: Probably Baylor's decision to sell out 100 percent to the spread offense. It was no secret that they experimented with it in spring, but few people actually thought they'd go to it and, quite frankly, copy Texas Tech all the way. Of course, the bad news for Tech is that Baylor generally plays better defense.

A very candid Guy Morriss said that this would tend to level the playing field between everyone in the Big XII South — except for Texas and Oklahoma. When asked how it would be an advantage for the Bears over OSU and Tech, who also run versions of the spread, Morriss said that many Texas players want to stay in Texas (vs. OSU), and he said that Waco was geographically closer to the more top Texas talent than TT.

About A&M, he said that he doubted they would make the switch, so he thinks it may open up more doors for Baylor and close a few for TT and OSU.

Strongest statement: Baylor's Guy Morriss, who said that no way would the Bears be in the cellar this year. When asked who would, Morris whispered 'do the math.'

Most Impressive Coach: KSU's Ron Prince. Articulate, smart, the right guy for a tough job.

Least Impressive Coach: Hand's down, no contest — Nebraska's Bill Callahan, who did not have the kahunas to predict that his Huskers would win the weakend North despite telling us that his team would be much better.

Callahan had the same fake look of confidence (i.e. 'fear') that we saw in 'Fran the Fraud' last year. I personally did not see the backbone showed by the others.

That does not mean that Nebraska is in trouble, for now anyway, but Callanhan does not look like a coach who's ready to take the Huskers back to the promised land of Devaney & Osborne.

Best Interview: Tech's Mike Leach, who told us all kinds of stories about what it's like to look like Vince Gill.

Worst Display of Reality: Majority of the Nebraska press admitting that KSU was their big rival in the Big 12 North.

Thought of the day: Neither team will make a serious run at the top anytime soon, but KSU's hiring of Prince and Baylor's spread offense will shake up the bottom-feeders of each division just when it looked like it was in danger of becoming somewhat redundant.

Most Sobering Thought: The North is good, but without any great teams. It's completely wide open, although the Nibblets should win on talent, unless coach Bill screws it up.

Ranking the schools, based on strength, NOT projected record due to unequal scheduling.

1) Nebraska
2) Texas Tech
3) Baylor
4) K-State

Nebraska Quotes (PDF)
Baylor Quotes (PDF)
Kansas State Quotes (PDF)
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Schools Tuesday: Kansas; Colorado; Texas; Okie Light
Schools Wednesday: Texas A&M; Iowa State; Missouri; Oklahoma

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