Peterson, Alexander Media Day quotes

See inside for quotes from Oklahoma sophomore running back Adrian Peterson and senior linebacker Rufus Alexander from Big 12 Media Day Wednesday in Kansas City, Mo. Peterson is the Big 12 media's preseason offensive player of the year, while Alexander was voted the preseason defensive player of the year.


On if the preseason publicity and awards he's receiving is making him want to play better this season

Alexander: Nothing will make me want to play better. I always want to play better. I'm just a passionate guy that loves the game of football, so it doesn't really take that much to get me amped up or anything like that.

On where he developed his great instincts

Alexander: I just always had a feel for the football. I never wanted to play football, I was a basketball player. But I started playing football and it just came natural. I just had an instinct to fall back, make tackles and just go out there and play like all my coaches say, with reckless abandonment.

On OU having the best defense since he's been on campus

Alexander: It's kinda hard to say how we're going to be until we play in a game. Potentially, we can be very dominant. As long as we go out there and execute the defense like we're supposed to and like Coach Venables goes out there and coaches, we should be alright.

We've got great guys at defensive end — Larry Birdine, Calvin Thibodeaux, C.J. Ah You, John Williams — the list goes on and one. In the secondary, we have Reggie Smith, D.J. Wolfe, Darien Williams, guys that are real versatile, Nic Harris, who can play multiple positions like the nickel and all that.

And then you got guys inside — DeMarcus Granger, Billy Blackard, Cory Bennett. We have a lot of people that have potential and can make a lot of plays. If they go out there and they execute and we do everything everybody says we're supposed to do, we should be very dominant.

On who he's been impressed with during the summer

Alexander: I've been really impressed with Reggie. Reggie's a hard, hard worker. That guy, he goes at it 100 miles per hour. He's really impressed me. I think he's going to have a breakout season.

On what Smith's move solidifying the corner spot means for the defense

Alexander: Reggie going back to corner, it was like an easy transition. He's a very versatile guy. He can play a lot of positions. With him and D. J. Wolfe at a corner, we're pretty solid there.

They can go out there and make a lot of plays. D.J. Wolfe made a lot of plays last year his first time playing corner, and I believe Reggie is is going to come in this year and is going to do the same thing.

On freshman defensive tackle Gerald McCoy

Alexander: He's a big guy. For coming out of high school, he's a pretty big guy. From looking at him in workouts, he's got quick feet, he's very fast. I think he'll do a lot of things this year.

Another guy I think y'all should look out for is Jermaine Greshman, the big tight end out of Ardmore. He's going to be a good player too. I think he's going to be real special this year. On the expectations for the team this season

Alexander: Coming to a university like Oklahoma, there's always going to be expectations. I'm glad I came to a school where the expectations are really high. You don't want to go where you set the bar low. We set the bar very high and we expect to be in championships every year, and that's where we want to get back at.

On how they'll avoid the slow early season start they had last season

Alexander: You could credit that to a lot of things. You could say that we were young or things like that, but this year we're just going to come out a little more focused. We've seen that if you don't come with your A game every game, that you're going to get embarrassed and you're going to start off bad. So this year we've got to come out, be more focused in the first few games and get everything rolling.


Below are quotes from Adrian Peterson from Big 12 Media Day Wednesday in Kansas City.

On how he's feeling physically for the upcoming season

Peterson: Oh yeah, I'm very excited. I'm feeling petty good so...

On the attention he's getting at media day

Peterson: I know, it's kinda hard to shake. It's enjoyable to come out to talk to everybody about the team and everything. I'm just trying to enjoy it.

On if there are things he can do to change his running style to keep him more healthy

Peterson: Changing my game would be crazy right now. There are more smart decisions I need to make out there on the field — knowing how to run out of bounds. If it's 4th and 1 I'm gonna try to run them over, but if I've got all the yards I can get it would be easier to run out of bounds.

Just little decisions like that. Nothing really major. When I have the ball I don't want them to know this year if I'm going to run them over or make a move on 'em.

On working hard on the passing game in the offseason to stay on the field more this season

Peterson: Yeah, I'm just getting ready to be out there and help my team. Whatever I can contribute to the team, that's what I'm here to do.

On what exercises he did in the offseason to get his ankle stronger and if he'll wear any extra padding on it this fall

Peterson: The spring got me back well. Right now, I'm feeling pretty good. I don't think I'll have any kind of of padding, but just to be on the safe side I'll probably get taped every game.

On refusing to wear the all blue jersey in the spring game, and wearing the red jersey with the blue numbers instead

Peterson: Like I told coach, that's better than being in the all blue jersey. I'll take the blue numbers.

On being at Heisman Trophy contender

Peterson: It's basically just taking advantage of the opportunity this year. It's taking it one game at a time and going out there and play. I'm not focusing on winning the Heisman or any kind of award, just going out there and playing my game.

On his father being able to see him play in college for the first time

Peterson: Yeah, my father is going to be able to come to the games now. It's going to be crazy him being there for the first time since little league football. I'm really looking forward to it.

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