Recruiting: Bedlam battle for top Texas DE?

The latest on Dallas, Texas defensive end Richetti Jones following his recent trip to Stillwater.

Richetti Jones, DE, 6-3, 225, DALLAS (LINCOLN HS), TEXAS:

JH: Are you ready for practice to start?

RJ: "Yeah, we start practice on the 7th."

JH: It seems like you really are ready for practice to start?

RJ: "Yeah, of course, because this is my last season. I have loved playing high school football and look forward to playing in college. I love playing football."

JH: Despite the fact you are being recruited by some of the best D-1 schools in the country, you really seem fired up about playing your senior season?

RJ: "I have fun. I know high school is a lot different than college ball. I know when I get to college I will start all over, while here in high school I know what is going on and what my status is with my team. I will have to start all over in college and that is fine, but I know that is going to take some hard to work to accomplish what I want to accomplish."

JH: Did you take another unofficial visit to OSU recently?

RJ: "I went with Terrance Toliver to Oklahoma State. I just wanted to help him about the recruiting process and see what he was thinking."

JH: What did you pick up from talking to Terrance?

RJ: "I know he is pretty much going through the same thing I am in recruiting?

Would it be safe to say Oklahoma State is your leader right now?

RJ: "They are pretty much at the top right now. I have a number of friends there who I went to school with in high school, so they are No. 1 with me right now."

JH: Are you close to making a decision?

RJ: "No, not really. I am still going to take my time and weigh all my options out."

JH: What do you think of the OSU Football program?

RJ: "I look at it this way — the quicker way to play on Sunday is to play quickly on Saturday. I don't want to go to a school where I have to wait in line. I think there are opportunities at both Oklahoma State and Oklahoma. At Oklahoma, they lose four defensive ends."

JH: What are your thoughts on OU at this time?

RJ: "I like Oklahoma. I don't have the same opportunities to visit OU like I do at Oklahoma State. I don't have any friends at Oklahoma. The Oklahoma schools are my top two schools. Either one of them doesn't have anything to worry about because I am not going to sign today."

JH: When do you feel you will make your decision?

RJ: "It is up in the air when I could make a decision. My feelings seem to change every day."

JH: Is your decision down to OU and OSU?

RJ: "I am not taking anybody out of the fight. I am also considering Texas Tech, Texas and Florida. I am not ruling anybody out. I am still going to take my officials and I am going to visit five schools."

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