Thompson back in the saddle again?

See inside for the latest news, notes and answers to the important questions surrounding the dismissals of OU quarterback Rhett Bomar and offensive lineman J.D. Quinn. Is Paul Thompson (picutred) now the man at quarterback?

Who fills the shoes?

Despite Rhett Bomar's suspension, the Sooners still have some options at quarterback. But the position goes from being solid to now a question mark.

First and foremost, OU will move senior receiver Paul Thompson back to QB. Thompson has always been a team player and despite the fact he is a starting receiver, OU needs a solid QB at this point and he is one of their three options. In talking with folks at OU, I got the impression that as of Wednesday they felt that Thompson was their best option.

Junior college transfer Joey Halzle was hot and cold during the spring, but at times threw the ball very well. He is a solid runner, not spectaclar, but not afraid to run with the ball. He can be effective running the ball and is a very intelligent QB who is not afraid to compete.

True freshman Sam Bradford is a super athlete who could have earned a scholarship in four different sports. OU hopes when he concentrates just on football that his football learning curve is going to explode. The Sooner coaches feel he is going to be a very good QB in the future, but I never got the impression they felt that future was in 2006.

Team Meeting

OU came out of team meeting Wednesday afternoon a united football team. I wouldn't say that Bomar and Quinn are real popular right now, but the team already seems to have rallied around Paul Thompson.

I would say that about Halzle or Bradford, but I haven't heard much about them today outside of the fact that they are in the mix. The players didn't seem to have a care in the world and I overheard one coach say that the 'sky is not falling.'

Wilson's impact on Thompson

I want to remind everybody that new offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson has always liked Paul Thompson as a QB. Wilson's style of offense (more QB run-pass oriented) will suit Thompson better than Chuck Long's did.

Peterson Rumors

There is nothing wrong with Adrian Peterson's eligibility, and the NCAA has no concerns with him. OU looked into his car situation months ago and he was cleared of any wrongdoing. It is not going to come up again no matter how much the Aggies, Longhorns or Cornhuskers want it to.

Wanted: Quarterbacks

This situation should open up some recruiting doors at QB for OU. For the last two years, OU struggled to get in on QBs because Bomar was on campus. But now that he is gone, top QBs will know they will have an opportunity to play early next year.

OU will now try to sign a QB in this class, and they might try to sign two. I am not sure who the candidates are yet because OU was not in the game for a QB until today.

Many of the top guys have already committed, but there are still some good ones out there and you know that OU will re-call all the highly-rated prospects to see if now they might have some interest.

My experience tells me that there will be some interest from a QB or two have committed early to other teams.

More to come

The next few days figure to be very busy. OU will hold their first fall practice this afternoon at 4 p.m. OU head coach Bob Stoops will meet with the media at 3:15 p.m. to discuss the dismissals of Bomar and Quinn, and will be there and file a report online soon after. The Sooners will also hold Media and Fan Appreciation Day on Friday. Stay tuned...

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