Big 12 Media Day Quotebook

Oklahoma football coach Bob Stoops, left, abd players Andre Woolfolk, center, and Trent Smith, right, talk to sportswriters during the Big 12 Conference football media day, Thursday in Houston.

Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops
OUINSIDER: Are you ready to declare Jason White your starter?

STOOPS: No. If I said yes, that would mean that we'd already made a decision. We have not. That would mean that the 30 practices that we are going to have in August would be somewhat meaningless.

OUISIDER: Is Jason White the leader for the starting job?

STOOPS: He's had an unbelievable rehab year and he can do anything the others can this summer without special attention. But we have three guys trying to win that position. Two with some experience. We will give all three the chance. The other two guys have worked hard too and have talent and experience that we cannot overlook. The winner will have earned the spot. I'm not much on giving something away.

Tight End Trent Smith
OUINSIDER: Talk about your emotions heading into your senior year.

SMITH: I want it to go in slow motion. I will not run off the field after a victory this year. I don't care who it's against. I will stand in the stadium and savor every fan and every moment.

I want to write a story like Roy did last year. Jumping the line. Slamming Sims. Tossing the ball to Teddy and laughing about it even as Lehman was crossing the goal line.

I want a play like Kieth jackson. I want a play that will live forever in the minds of every Sooner fan. I want to make that movie. I want to star in it. And I don't want it to end.

OUINSIDER: You were a finalist for the Mackey Award (awarded to the countries best tight end). Is that one of your goals to shoot for this season?

SMITH: Yes, of course I want the Mackey Award this year. It means you're the best tight end in college football. That award has my name on it and I'm going after it with everything I have. Not to prove anything to you, but to finish my dream — my way.

OUINSIDER: Who do you think will be OU's starting quarterback when you open up with Tulsa?

SMITH: Tough call. The one who performs deserves to get it. The one the team best responds to. That's our leader. Both guys have worked very hard. Sometimes throwing all day to anyone that would play catch. Icing down their arms in the afternoon to prevent swelling. It's a great situation. But at OU you gotta earn your keep. At some places the QB is appointed. Not here. At OU you gotta earn it. And we'll respect the winner for it.

Trent then infruiated the Longhorns this afternoon in Houston. After being goaded by members of the Texas media on the OU rivalry, Smith just came out and said it: Here's an approximate exchange of the incident:

Who's the bigger game for you guys, OSU or Texas?

"The one were playing this week," said Smith.

Do you want to beat Texas more than any other team?

"Of course. I'm a Sooner. I was born to beat Texas. This entire team was born to beat Texas."

How do you personally feel about Texas?

"I guess a former Sooner Brian Bosworth said it best, 'Burnt Orange makes me puke.'

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