Kelly ready to lead by example

Sophomore receiver Malcolm Kelly (pictured) talks about OU's receivers and the state of the offense under Paul Thompson. (Photo/Getty Images)

During the Sooners' first scrimmage of the 2006 training camp, sophomore wide receiver Malcolm Kelly attended his brothers' wedding as the best man. OU Head Coach Bob Stoops certainly had no problem with Kelly missing the scrimmage, but the Sooner offense certainly had a problem with it.

Not figuratively, mind you, but certainly athletically as it was obvious the Sooner offense was not as good without its go-to receiver. Kelly returned to practice on Monday and during Wednesday's scrimmage made several super catches to demonstrate that he is ready for a big year.

Kelly is always good with the media and he recently stopped after practice to talk to for the Two Minute Drill.

JH: I understand you had a great scrimmage. Tell us about it?

MK: "I don't know. Coach just told me to come out and scrimmage hard. I had missed the scrimmage on Saturday because I had to go to my brothers' wedding. We just had to come out today (Wednesday) and get behind Paul and we are getting it done. I had a pretty good day, but we still could have done better. The receivers had some drops, but we made some pretty competitive plays too. We are moving along slowly but surely, but we have to get some of the kinks out."

JH: Does your brother know that he can't have a wedding on a Saturday in August or September or during football season?

MK: "He tried to schedule it before the season started and that was the closest before September that he could get it done. So, we just had to go to the floor a little bit."

JH: The offense missed you during the scrimmage. How does it make you feel to know just how important you are to the offense?

MK: "Yeah, I guess it feels good to have some importance in the offense. People think it is pressure, but you just go out there when you are part of the offense and you don't want to let your brother down. That is all my brothers out there. We are all brothers on the team. We work together and we don't want to let each other down."

JH: How between the receivers and the quarterbacks?

MK: "We are progressing, man. Everybody is coming along. Actually, we did pretty well the first day we came out and then we slowed down. Now we are speeding back up and getting back into the pace of things. We like where we are at, but we still have a ways to go to play championship football where we all want to be."

JH: Will this wide receiver group be good with YAC (yards after catch) yardage?

MK: "I believe so. With the receivers like Manuel (Johnson) and Juaquin (Iglesias), we have guys who have a whole lot of YAC ability. I think I am more of a down-the-field playmaker type guy. I have gotten up to 215 so I guess if I catch a little hitch it is going to be a little harder to take me down. We just have to go out and make plays and see what happens."

JH: What are you running at 215?

MK: "I haven't tested since my freshman year. We came back from the bowl game and I had injured my ankle in the bowl game, so I haven't even run my 40 since my freshman year."

JH: You just run as fast as you need to?

MK: "Yeah, that is it basically."

JH: Every one of the receivers are pretty young, so who leads the group?

MK: "I guess people want to look at me as a leader, and I guess I should try to go out and lead by example. I am not really too much of a vocal leader. I guess Coach (Kevin) Sumlin wants me to be the leader of the group, so I guess I do need to lead. I haven't got up to that point yet, but I do need to take that step."

JH: When Paul went back to quarterback was leadership something you lost at receiver?

MK: "As soon as he came to receiver he was like, 'OK guys, let's get it done.' He ended up getting everything together and stuff like that. When he left somebody had to do it because we can't all just be out there and just playing. They way we are right now we are brothers and we feel like we are not above anybody. We just go out and have fun and just play together. I really can't see anybody as a leader out of the receiver group."

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