Sooners in the mix for Arkansas QB?

Fort Smith, Ark. quarterback Kodi Burns says he's more than familiar with Oklahoma Football.


JH: Have you been able to talk to Oklahoma over the last couple of weeks? Are you interested in OU at this point?

KB: "I am still open to OU. I had narrowed my choices down to Arkansas and Auburn, but now that I have talked to Oklahoma a couple of times I am keeping things open for Oklahoma. They have not offered me yet, but I am waiting to see what they do."

JH: How have your conversations with OU?

KB: "I talked to Coach (Josh) Heupel and it went very well. He told me about their quarterback situation, which I pretty much knew. He told me that they needed another great quarterback in their system and that he felt my talent fit their system perfectly. I realize that OU took a big hit when they lost Rhett Bomar, but he said that OU had great talent on the roster and that a quarterback like me could come and accomplish great things. I am every excited about OU. I know they have to evaluate some things, but I am looking forward to talking to them again."

JH: Since OU is just now getting into the picture with you, do they know a whole lot about you?

KB: "I know they have asked for some film from my coach a couple of days ago. They said they had never really seen any film on me so we sent some film up to them. Like I said, I am very interested in OU. But they have not offered me yet. Hopefully after they watch my film they will offer me and we can go from there."

JH: Do you know a lot about Oklahoma's program?

KB: "I know what kind of offense they have. I have seen them play a lot with Adrian Peterson in the offense, but I actually watched them more when they had Dan Cody on defense and Mark Clayton and Brandon Jones on offense. I have watched them a bunch over the last couple of years. I watched KeJuan Jones a lot. I am very familiar with the players at OU and can basically mention all the players by name."

JH: Were you not interested in OU early because they had Rhett Bomar as their QB?

KB: "Rhett had nothing to do with it, OU just didn't show interest in me. I don't think they felt they really needed a quarterback this year when they had Rhett for three more years. I didn't try to get ahold of OU, because I didn't feel they had interest in me. I was only talking to schools that had an interest in me."

JH: You have always been pro-Arkansas and Auburn. What is it about those two teams that you like the most?

"I really like Arkansas and their new offensive coordinator (Gus Malzahn). I do feel comfortable at Arkansas, but I also feel comfortable at Auburn. Coach (Tommy) Tubberville is doing a great job at Auburn. Every year Auburn is playing for the National Championship and a BCS Bowl. I feel the quarterback situations are good for me at both schools."

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