Recruiting: Sooners land talented kicker

Oklahoma City kicker Jimmy Stevens says he wasted little time accepting OU's offer.

Jimmy Stevens, PK, 5-6, 170, OKLAHOMA CITY (HERITAGE HALL HS), OK:

JH: Tell me about your commitment to OU today.

JS: "Well, I got a text (message) today and they said for me to call right away. When I did call they offered me a scholarship, which shocked me. I thought I would get an offer during the season, but not this soon."

JH: How long did it take you to accept it OU's scholarship offer?

JS: "It took about five minutes. As soon as I found out the good news, I called my parents and talked to them and they said for me to do what I wanted to do. They knew I have always wanted to play for Oklahoma."

JH: Did the offer catch you by surprise?

JS: "Yeah, it did. I haven't really talked to them for about a month or so. I didn't know what they were thinking. I was getting kind of nervous because I had an offer from KU, but not from OU where I wanted to go. But OU came through, which makes me very happy."

JH: Is OU the school where you always wanted to play?

JS: "I grew up around OU and have always been an OU fan. I have always wanted to play there."

JH: What do you think about your chances to kick at OU next year?

JS: "I talked to Coach (Kevin) Sumlin and he told me that if I kicked better than Garrett during practice then I would win the job. But if not, then I would redshirt and start for four-years after that."

JH: Does committing at this point make a big difference in your senior year?

JS: "It takes a whole load off for my senior year. I don't have to think about where I am going to scholarship, now I can just think about kicking and that record. (He needs nine field goals to break the national career record. And if he kicks 23 field goals in a season, he will break the record for field goals in a season.)

JH: What is your longest kick?

JS: "51 yards in a game."

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