OUInsider Weekend Wrapup (8/26)

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One Week and Counting . . .

We're down to the final week and the lineups are set before the Sooners kick off on September 2 against former Sooner OC Watson Brown's Alabama Birmingham club.

Quarterback Paul Thompson, offensive tackle Chris Messner, linebacker Rufus Alexander and defensive end C.J. Ah You, all seniors, were named team captains for 2006 and were recognized by head coach Bob Stoops at the Big Red Rally Thursday evening.

The four senior leaders commented on their selections: Paul Thompson said he thought 'in the back of his mind' that he might be named a captain, but still considered it an honor when it became reality: "I've always tried to be a great leader out here, I'm proud that the team has acknowledged that."

Chris Messner: "It's unreal. I came here as a skinny 230 pound tight end, and most people wondered if I would ever play here. Now I'm playing a position no one ever dreamed of, and I'm starting. It's unbelievable that on top of all of that I'd be named a captain. I never dreamed about this, because I never thought I would be good enough for my teammates to honor me in his manner."

Rufus Alexander: "It an incredible honor to be named a captain at the University of Oklahoma. I realize from this point on I'll always be looked at as a captain at Oklahoma. It's one of the greatest honors in college football."

C.J. Ah You: "Well, I was overwhelmed when I was told yesterday. I thought seriously about who I voted for and why. This kind of situation - I never campaigned for, I never thought that my teammates would think that I was qualified. I'm going to do the best I can to be the best captain in OU history, and not let me teammates down, or the coaches, former players and fans."

Coach Stoops also named San Antonio, Texas junior Jacob Gutierrez the special teams captain.

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