Top Texas DE delays decision...again

Dallas, Texas five-star DE Richetti Jones talks about the reasoning for dealying his decision.

Richetti Jones, DE, 6-3, 225, 4.8 DALLAS (LINCOLN HS), TEXAS:

JH: Are you still going to announce tonight?

RJ: "No, I am not going to do it tonight. I am going to do it sometime next week. I am waiting for them (FSW) to call me."

JH Why did you call it off tonight?

RJ: "I want everything to be totally organized. I wanted to know exactly what is going on and I wanted all my family and friends to be there, and they couldn't do that tonight. So, we just put it off."

JH: So it was just the fact you couldn't get all your people there tonight?

RJ: "I know where I am going to go, but I just want everything to be on point. It wasn't going to be that way tonight, so I just pushed it back a couple of days."

JH: It didn't have anything with the recruiting decision itself?

RJ: "I wasn't getting cold feet or anything. I just want everything to be organized, and it wasn't going down like I wanted it do. I know what I want to do, but I want it to be organized."

JH: Are the same three schools still involved in your decision?

RJ: "Florida, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State."

JH: So what is your decision coming down to?

RJ: "It really gets down to where I really want to go. I am really going to have to visit and out of school schools if I am going too far away from him. It was easy to rule out those far away schools, because I want my family to come and watch me play. Schools like LSU, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State are within driving distance, and that is why it was easy to narrow it down. Florida is in the only school that me and my bother have the same offer to."

JH: What factors are involved in your decision?

RJ: "I like all three schools, but it is going to come down where I feel most comfortable. Depth chart and getting guys to the NFL are important as well, but at any of the schools that I am dealing with there will be NFL possibilities."

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