Recruiting: Romine narrowing his list to six

Tulsa, Okla. lineman Matt Romine talks about his interest in Oklahoma.

Matt Romine, OT, 6-6, 270 UNION, OK:

JH: How is your team coming together as you get ready to play your opening game this weekend?

MR: "We play Hoover, Ala. at our place this Friday. We are improving every day and getting a better grasp of our offense every single day. Everybody has heard about our poor scrimmage against Westmoore. They kind of took it to us. As an offensive line, we just didn't get it done and it was a team effort in how bad we played.

"Then the following week we played in the Coke Classic at our place and we beat Springdale, Ark. 21-3. We improved from that one scrimmage to the next, especially on the offensive line. As an offensive line, we have just learned so much more about offense. And when you play on the line like I do, the more you know about an offense the better off you are."

JH: With your season getting underway, where do you stand in recruiting?

MR: "I am getting my decision down. I am going to have a top six sometime this week. I will notify those that are not in my top six that they are no longer being considered by me. I know that is going to be hard and that is what I am doing tonight. I think that is the best thing for the situation because those coaches need to recruit somebody else if I am not interested."

JH: How hard is it to tell coaches that you are not interested in them?

MR: "It is pretty tough. These coaches have been recruiting me and some of them I have taken visits to and they have shown me around. They have offered me and I have a great relationship with them, so it is going to be tough. It has got to happen sometime because I can only go to one school, so I need to be tough and just do what I need to do."

JH: Can you tell me what schools that you know for sure are going to make your top six?

MR: "Right now Notre Dame and Oklahoma are in the top six for sure. I am texting the other schools that are not in the top six, and I would rather not say until I talk to them or until I know they have received the text. Oklahoma and Notre Dame are on the list for sure."

JH: The last time I talked to you was when you were getting to take an unofficial visit to Notre Dame. How did that visit go?

MR: "My mom went to Notre Dame and Michigan with me on our last visit. It was much of the same stuff, but I got to see a different view of the campus at Notre Dame. And I had never seen Michigan.

"I got to meet some of the coaches at Michigan and I got sit down and have dinner with some of the incoming freshmen. I learned a lot about Michigan on that trip and did see a little different side of Notre Dame."

JH: Have you talked to Oklahoma much lately?

MR: "I have communicated with Oklahoma, but not a whole lot. I really haven't communicated with a lot of schools lately, because I know that I will be in contact with them a lot starting on Friday. I know that Oklahoma has one commitment from an offensive lineman, but I don't think that affects me that much.

"I will probably come down to Oklahoma to watch some of their games a couple of times this season. I am not sure if I am going to go to the game this weekend or not. I was planning on it, but I thought the game was in the afternoon. There are a number of great games on TV and I might just stay home and watch the games on TV because I know the Oklahoma game is on TBS. So I might just watch it on TV."

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