Recruiting: A&M RB commit will take visits

The latest on Pflugerville, Texas running back Joseph Reese.


JH: How did your summer go? And how did training camp go for you this year?

JR: "The summer went real well for me. I spent a lot of time in the weight room and was able to maintain my 190, but it is a better 190 if you know what I mean. I am bigger in my shoulders and arms, I am just stronger. Last year I dislocated my other shoulder so I worked hard on my shoulders. I also did a lot of shuttle work, because I wanted to improve my quickness and ability to make people miss.

"Training camp has been good. We have been coming together. We played in the Texas Classic last week and I separated my shoulder, but it is not serious. I am not going to miss any games or anything. I was doing alright in the scrimmage, but just landed wrong."

JH: Are you going to have to wear a shoulder harness in your season opener?

JR: "Yes, I am going to wear a shoulder harness. My shoulder is not hurt badly. I haven't even had the shoulder checked out by anybody. It is not hurt that bad. I am just going to put a brace on and go on about my business."

JH: What is the fastest 100-meters you have ever run?

JR: "10.4 (seconds)." JH: Are you going to continue to run track this spring?

JR: "Yes sir, but I am not going to run the 100-meters this year. I am going to run the 200-meters. I have run 21.3 in that event. I think I am better in the 200-meters, because I came in fifth in the state finals. I don't think I ran a great final because I had a lot on my mind. My grandmother had just passed away and I was thinking about her a whole bunch."

JH: What is the latest in recruiting? Who are you still considering at this point?

JR: "I am still thinking about Texas A&M, Arizona, where my brother is, Oklahoma and Nebraska."

JH: Will you take visits to those four schools?

JR: "Yeah, that would be the four more than likely."

JH: Do you still consider yourself a commitment to Texas A&M?

JR: "Yes sir."

JH: But you still plan on taking your visits?

JR: "Yes sir."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma at this time?

JR: "I think they are a good football team, and Adrian Peterson will be leaving after this year. That might be somewhere to go and play as a freshman."

JH: You have committed to Texas A&M, so talk about what you like about the Aggies?

JR: "They have already told me that I have an opportunity to play as a freshman. I thought that was a great advantage for me. I really like their facility and what they are trying to do for the players and everything. They are building a championship team and I think and that is something that I would like to be a part of. Coach Fran is a real good guy, but my concern is that he may or may not be there. So I really don't know about Texas A&M right now."

JH: How is your brother Terrell doing at Arizona?

JR: "He is doing real well. He caught four passes in a scrimmage just the other day, but I haven't talked to him since. He is going to play as a freshman and he will be in their rotation."

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