Smith ready for double-duty

Oklahoma receiver/cornerback Reggie Smith talks about his newfound role on OU's offense.

When the Sooners take the field on Saturday to host UAB, one of the players that OU fans and college football fans alike will be paying close attention to will be sophomore do-everything stud Reggie Smith. Smith will join a select group of athletes who have gone both ways when he starts at corner, but also lines up as a part-time wide receiver. He will also return kicks and punts.

When Smith came out of Edmond Santa Fe, OU head coach Bob Stoops said that at some point he would go both ways, and that time is now as Smith will begin his all-purpose career this Saturday. Smith talked about his newest adventure recently with for the Two Minute Drill.

JH: You are going to be on the field a lot doing a lot of different things Saturday. Are you ready to go?

RS: "I am ready. I just have to get a lot of fluids in me the rest of this week so I can keep my body in good shape going into the game."

JH: Coach Stoops said the media makes too much out of the fact that you are going to be on the field so much this season. Is this really no big deal?

RS: "It is a big task, but they are not going to try to over-do me. I will get a lot of reps in the game. They will put me in here or there at certain times in the game. I think I will do alright."

JH: Physically, is it any big deal to play 90 snaps a game?

RS: "It is probably going to take a toll, but I don't think it is going to take any more of a toll than it does on anybody that plays football every week. I just have to take the good with the bad."

JH: Is it taking anything away that you can tell from playing cornerback?

RS: "No, not really. Because like I say, they are going to pick and choose when they are going to put me in. I will tell them when I am tired and they have extra corners that can come in like Lendy (Holmes) and Marcus (Walker). They are just as good as me and D.J. (Wolfe), I think. So we will be alright."

JH: Won't you rest on offense and not on defense since cornerback is still your primary position?

RS: "Yeah, that is right. I will rest on offense because they are only going to put me in on third down situation, or certain things like that. So unless somebody gets injured, and God forbid that, I think we will be alright. We will be OK."

JH: How well are you catching the ball?

RS: "Alright I guess. It is coming back to me just like in high school when I used to touch the ball all the time. It is going to help me on every aspect from interceptions to special teams. Catching the ball so much is going to benefit me a lot, I think."

JH: Let's say the defnese gets 40 snaps on Saturday, would you get all of them?

RS: "I think I will basically judge that on how I feel. If I am tired I am not going to help the team a whole lot and I will probably tell coach that I need a breather. There is no use for me to be out there tired trying to run up and down with those receivers. It just depends on my gut feeling, I think, and how long I feel I can play."

JH: You've watched film of UAB on both sides of the ball, so what do you think of the Blazers?

RS: "They are a good, talented team. They lost a big, talented quarterback last year, but they will have somebody step up and take his place. They have big running backs, so we have to be able to tackle them. They have some quick receivers, so we have to be ready for that. Defensively, they look quick and fast to me. I think they are going to be a great challenge."

JH: Was it your idea to get some snaps at wide receiver?

RS: "It was kind of a mutual thing. When I was getting recruited I had always wanted to go both ways. I asked them about it at that time and then I asked them about it last year. Then this year we had a few injuries when Manny (Manual Johnson) got knocked down, and then we lost Paul (Thompson), so we just talked about it. When coach came up to me one day and he said he was going to give me an audition, I said alright that I was ready for it."

JH: They secondary has been much improved this whole training camp with all the moves that have been made. But do all you of guys feel the same way?

RS: "I think we see it, but we have to get in there and study film. We are almost there, but we just need to get in there and know exactly what we are doing and be positive about everything that they are doing. I think we are going to be pretty good this year."

JH: Sometimes we call you a lockdown corner, but in Oklahoma's defense you don't have a lockdown corner. You play the field corner no matter which wide receiver lines up on that side, don't you?

RS: "Yeah, out there at the field corner it is just you and the receiver. You have to be on your P's and Q's, but it could be this receiver or that receiver. You have to be ready for anything out there."

JH: You wouldn't mind getting to the point out there where if the coaches felt there was a receiver they needed to stop, you would like to be the guy to do just that?

RS: "I wouldn't mind that. I would go do it. I am up for the challenge, I like challenges."

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