Hoops: Capel, Sooners land point guard

Norcross, Ga. guard talks about his commitment to Oklahoma.

Tony Neysmith, G, 6'3, 180, NORCROSS, GEORGIA:

JH: Have you made a decision where you are going to play your college basketball?

TN: "Yes sir, I sure have. I am going to play at Oklahoma."

JH: What were the key reasons why you picked Oklahoma?

TN: "I just felt real comfortable. And since coach Capel played my position at Duke, I just figured he could help me get to where I want to be."

JH: When you say where you 'want to be'. What are you referring to?

TN: "Just trying to get to a pro career. I figured if anybody can help me do that it would be him. I am a big guard and so was he, and I know he has an idea how to get the most out of my athletic ability. I was just thinking that the best position for me would be for me to go to Oklahoma and work on my skills to get me to where I wanted to go."

JH: Who did you choose OU over?

TN: "UNC-Charlotte and St. John's."

JH: What did coach Capel say when you gave him the news?

TN: "He was pretty excited, and I was excited as well."

JH: How much did the fact that coach Capel wants to push the ball influence your decision?

TN: "That is what I like to do. The fact I like to push the ball up the court made my decision even easier."

JH: Are people in Norcross, Ga. OU fans yet?

TN: "Yeah, they are going to have to be."

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