Recruiting: OU scouts Arkansas QB in person

Fort Smith, Ark. quarterback Kodi Burns talks about his first game and interest in Oklahoma.


JH: You have played one or two games already this season, haven't you?

KB: "We have played one game and it went pretty well. We only got the ball twice in the first half and we scored on one of those. Then in the second half, we scored three out of four."

JH: You mean you only had six possessions the entire game?

KB: "Yes sir. I know that a lot of teams are going to try to play keep-away from us this year. But our defense stepped up and got the ball back for us in the second half and we were able to convert. We won the game 34-18."

JH: How well did you play?

KB: "I am not sure what my stats were, but I know that I threw for two touchdowns and ran for one."

JH: What is your team ranked?

KB: "We are ranked No. 1 in class 7A."

JH: Don't you play in Oklahoma this Friday?

KB: "We play Tulsa Science of Technology this week in Tulsa."

JH: Did you go to a college game this past weekend?

KB: "I went to the USC-Arkansas game. I really went to see USC play and it was great to watch and listen to what some of their players have to say. I was on the sideline before the game just listening to them warm up and the confidence they seem to have was amazing to me. You can just see it in their players' eyes how confident they are.

"Of course, they have been in the National Championship game three straight years and won two of them so they totally believe in themselves. That was the first Arkansas game that I have been to since I was little. It was a great to see a big time college football game like that."

JH: Have you talked to Oklahoma lately?

KB: "Yes sir. I talked to coach (Josh) Heupel the other day. He also came to our game. It is a big deal that Oklahoma came to one of our games. So far Oklahoma has been the only team to come to my game, and that impresses me."

JH: Where does Oklahoma stand in your recruiting decision right now?

KB: "They are pretty high, but until they offer me I can't really get too interested in them. Until they offer, I really can't think about them to much because I have to assume they are not that interested in me. If they do offer they will be very high, but right now I am still down to Arkansas and Auburn."

JH: Are you worried at all about the fact that Arkansas is going to start a true freshman at quarterback this weekend?

KB: "No sir. That is not a problem for me. I am not looking at the depth chart, nor am I concerned about any depth chart."

JH: How much are you actually under center in your offense?

KB: "In the red zone I am under center some and in short-yardage, but for the most part I am in the shotgun in a four-wide receiver or five-wide receiver set."

JH: Is there a certain style of offense that you are looking to run in college?

KB: "The style of offense doesn't matter to me. But basically, I want to go to a team that throws the ball some. I also want that team to be able to run the ball, because I know you have to have a good running game to win, or a balanced team to win. I am not going to go to a team that never throws the ball or is running the wishbone."

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