Recruiting: Sooners talking to top Juco QB

Former N.C. State quarterback Mike Greco talks about his transfer to junior college and interest in Oklahoma.

Mike Greco, QB, 6'3, 218, 4.37, PEARL RIVER J.C. MISSISSIPPI:

Mike Greco is one of the most athletic quarterbacks in the country. And considering the fact that he is back on the field for the first time in two years, that means he is going to draw a great amount of attention from any D-1 school looking for a quarterback. There may not be a better Juco quarterback in the country, and another good thing about Greco, outside of his great athletic ability, is that he will have three years to play three.

"I was born in Waterbury, Conn., but I grew up in Lighthouse Point right outside of Fort Lauderdale, Fla. I went to Cardinal Gibbons in Fort Lauderdale and started two years there. I wouldn't say my career was all that spectacular there because we didn't' really have the personnel to run the passing game. We run the pro-style offense and ran the ball a lot. My senior year I broke my hand early and only played in seven games. We were running a pro-style offense. We ran out of it quite a bit instead of throwing, so I didn't put up any spectacular stats or anything."

However, Greco played well enough to draw several D-1 offers.

"I signed with North Carolina State out of high school. I redshirted my first year and then going into the spring I was competing for the starting job. I thought I was playing well, but I just didn't like how the competition went. So after thinking it over, I decided to go to junior college and try to transfer somewhere else. I didn't feel I got a fair opportunity to play at North Carolina State. I didn't get a fair shake.

"We also had a couple of coaching changes when I signed, and we had a different offensive coordinator from when I signed. They brought in a new guy and I wasn't his guy, so I didn't like my chances there or the change in offensive thinking."

Thus Greco decided he needed a change in scenery and decided to start over in junior college.

"My dad and I were looking for a junior college and Pearl River Community College came up. We gave coach Tim Hatten a call and he was so great to talk to. We went down there and looked at the college and we loved the offense and loved the program. We throw the ball about 40 times a game and really have a great time playing football there."

Greco was immediately named the starting quarterback, and Hatten says that Greco is the most talented quarterback he has ever coached. And finally after a long layoff, Greco returned to the field this past weekend.

"We won 43-6. I went 20-for-30 for 295 yards and three touchdowns and one pick (interception). I played alright for my first game in a while. I didn't feel comfortable in the first half, but then I got hit a couple of times and that got me going a little bit. I only did two drives in the third quarter and then the starters came out because we were killing them. I felt good about the whole experience because I had not played a game in two years since high school. So things went pretty good."

Considering the Sooners' quarterback situation, you would think a top-notch junior college quarterback would want to take a look at what's going on in Norman. And Greco admits that he is talking to the Sooners.

"I have talked to the quarterback coach (Josh Heupel) there. We have started off pretty good. We started talking about my goals and my plan for the future. He has told me about the opportunity I would have going to Oklahoma. He said he was going to come and watch one of my games when he has a chance."

Greco may wind up this season the top Juco quarterback in the country and by the end of the year he will have a number of offers, but what is his recruiting situation at the moment?

"At this point I am totally open and really focused on our season right now. We are ranked No. 1 in the nation and I want to go ahead and win the National Championship down there. I want to go somewhere where I can play and I will have a fair shot. I want to have a chance to play for the next three years."

So how many different schools is Greco talking to?

"Right now Oklahoma is the only school I am talking to. But a number of schools tell coach Hatten that they are going to offer me and they are going to talk to me."

What does Greco really know about the Oklahoma Football program?

"I really don't know that much about Oklahoma. I know they have a top-notch program and that they are national title contenders every year. I know they throw the ball a lot and that they have a nice offense. I know they have a great coaching staff and they look like they have a pretty good atmosphere to play in because of their fans. I watched their game this weekend against UAB and it looked like it was a great atmosphere to play football in. It was a great game to watch and you can tell football is a big deal at Oklahoma."

Does Greco have a legitimate interest in OU?

"Oh yeah, I am definitely going to have an interest in Oklahoma. I don't care what part of the country the team is in, I just want to go some place where I can play. I want a good offense, coaching staff, good environment and most importantly want to go some place where I can play. That sounds a lot like Oklahoma, doesn't it?"

The fact Greco has sprinters speed has people comparing him to Steve Young or Michael Vick. Who does he feel his game resembles?

"I am that kind of player, I guess. I rollout, scramble and move around in the pocket. A lot of people compare me to Michael Vick, which is a great compliment. He is the quarterback playing right now so people compare me to him. I think it is great that I get compared to Steve Young, but a lot of people my age haven't seen him play in a long while. If I can play anywhere close to his abilities then I am going to have a great career."

Greco will have to graduate from Pearl River, and thus he will not be available to transfer to any D-1 college until May. However, Greco says he has no problems academically and he will graduate in May.

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